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Sunday, June 19, 2016


Photography by Dawn Gibson-Thigpen, unless otherwise stated

Hello Sassy Peeps! you guys had to know there would be a follow up article coming right after the one I posted discussing the Fiat 124 Spider First Drive! :) When I go on these auto adventures there are always two recaps. The first is an expected car focused post and the second touches more on the lifestyle side of things. You know the side that I am so blessed to see and do along the way.

My partner Fadra, of All Things Fadra,, and I kick started our day rolling through the winding roads of SoCal and boy was it extremely exciting! The mountainous scenery is completely breathtaking and can also be very intimidating. Suggestion...while driving through these mountains make sure you keep your eyes on the road. Don't get caught up in the beauty and gaze off for too long. Whenever we found an irresistible area we pulled over and took as many shots as needed and then started back on our way. It was so funny, because at times we were totally kickin’ up dust and then others all you heard was "Wooo, slow down girl!" followed by laughter. LOL! I swear Fadra is the #BestDrivePartnerEver!

Now let me pause this thing for a minute....There is something that has been on my mind since I first started participating in these media drives. I don't know if you guys know or have ever even thought about it, but I am still trying to understand the reasoning behind building homes in mountains. Wait! I should have said, building hugeee beautiful homes in mountains where there are earthquakes and landslides. In fact, the morning I arrived there was a mild earthquake. I didn't feel it because it happened while I was sleeping. However, a few of my fellow Fiat peeps felt it and were up tweeting about the experience at a very early 4am. One of them said she thought her room was haunted because her bed was moving. EEeeekkkk! #NoGhostAllowed! I missed all of the excited, and to be honest I am a little bummed because I wouldn't have minded experiencing a mild earthquake in SoCal. Note....I said MILD earthquake. LOL!
Above photo taken by All Things Fadra

After we drove our way out of the mountains we made a pit stop at this really awesome restaurant that's actually located directly inside of a Santa Fe ATSF Caboose. Other than my mom's kale chips, they make the best I have ever tasted. #Delish! They were so good we ordered two servings. From my understanding they are known for their legendary smoothies. However, by the time we arrived they were sold out! #ThereIsAlwaysNextTime! 

Side Note: I am not sure of the name of this awesome place. If anyone knows please leave a comment so I can give them a shout out. I tried looking it up online but I couldn't find anything.
Soon after, we met everyone at a lovely progressive American restaurant called, Kettner Exchange, also known as "The Little Italy of San Diego". I have to tell you that the food is excellent and it totally hit the spot after a long wonderful day of driving. From there, we turned up the 80’s sounds on the Bose Sound System and headed to the Qualcomm Stadium to participate in the Fiat 124 Spider Auto-cross Course. #TOTALLYEPIC!

I totally started out a little slow due to nerves, but once I got the feel of the Abarth it was on and poppin! After getting behind the wheel all nerves and anxiety flew over the top of that convertible. As usual, when I feel the rev of the engine and hear the growl of the exhaust my alter ego presents herself and I am ready to fly like the wind. #LetsDoThis!
Once we completed the course we switched cars from sexy silver to the fiery red that you see in the above photo. I figured since we were switching roadsters I should also switch my sassy head gear. I love the elegance of the beautiful Fiat wrap/scarf that Fiat gifted the team. It totally fit the silver beauty. However, I felt it was time to swag my look out a little with the fierce red Fiat ball cap that was also gifted to the media team. Like I always say your vehicle is your most expensive accessory, so to complete the look all other accessories and gadgets should blend nicely.

With the change of the roadster came a scenery change as well. It switched from beautiful winding mountains to the fabulously blue Pacific Ocean, another breathtaking scene.

While riding through the streets of SoCal both roadsters got so much attention. To give you an example of how totally fly she is, this guy and his friend pulled up beside us in a Porsche and inquired about the vehicle while giving major props. Yep! She's a BEAST!

As the day came to a close and evening rolled in, we headed over to the lovely Pacific Coast Grill where we dined, watched the sunset, shared our experiences and ended a lovely night.
Thanks again Fiat for EVERYTHING! You truly know how to show a girl a good time!

Now a few questions to my audience....Do you guys love to travel as much as I do? If so, have you had a chance to visit San Diego or any part of Cali? Annndd, if so, while there did you experience an Earthquake? You guys know I had to ask! LOL...because inquiring minds want to know!

Have A Happy Healthy, and Remember to Always...
Stay Sassy!

*Disclosure: All Hotel and travel services were provided to me for editorial consideration. As always, all opinions are 100% my own*