Eleven Salon & Spa
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If you are ever in the need of a girls day or a mommy get away, you have to visit the super chic and sassy Eleven Salon & Spa. I recently had the pleasure of experiencing this elegance oasis and was extremely impressed by not only the atmosphere but also the amazing customer service and hospitality. 

What I love most of all is that Nicole Oden stepped out on faith, followed her passion, went for it and created something so magical. Keep reading to learn more about her fabulous journey.

After 12 years as a Senior Vice President of prestigious financial firm Smith Barney, Nicole Oden walked away from her job. Instead, she decided she wanted to build a better spa. She founded eleven Salon & Spa in a renovated Delray Beach lighting warehouse, and created an instant sensation. 

Clients adored its particular blend of chic treatments, its lavish, otherworldly atmosphere, and the prodigious degree of service eleven delivered. It was in a league of its own, and it blazed a trail of success for Nicole that would lead to the creation of a signature skin care line, and the opening of new eleven boutiques in the Versace mansion in Miami, and another in Las Vegas. 

But with each further extension of her brand, Nicole too became extended, the demands of her relentless degree of service constantly at odds with her growing role as a mother. So after eleven years, she backed off, and returned her focus to her original concept.

“I remembered that the very best things in life are simple,” Oden said. “It’s funny, because in many ways that’s what eleven was originally based upon: Simple elegance, dialed up to the most extreme degree.”
For Oden, returning in full to her Delray Salon & Spa is not enough. After 11 years, she figures it’s time for a rebirth. 

“What originally made eleven so wonderful was that it really redefined the entire spa experience for our clients,” Oden recalls. “Perhaps we raised the bar for other spas, I definitely think we raised it for ourselves.”

In order to take eleven into its next 11 years, Oden has spawned a new vision for the landmark spa. She instantly began a thorough renovation to revitalize the interior décor. And, most significantly, she brought Belle Ame Rejuvenation Services LLC, a hair-loss prevention treatment to take residence in the Eleven Boutique. Former businesses at the Eleven Boutique have been famed artist and wine vintner Salvatore Principe, fashion designer and Project Runway alum Amanda Perna, and celebrity hair stylist Carlos DiCarlos. With a vision to satisfy the taste of South Floridians, Oden wants to create a fabulous, creative environment unlike anything else.

Eleven Salon & Spa

Eleven Salon & Spa

Eleven Salon & Spa
“We like to think of it as eleven, elevated,” Oden says. “After all, the spa experience should be one of transcendence and renewal. We want you to leave feeling like you’re on cloud 9. Nothing else will do.”

Photos provided by Eleven Salon and Spa
Address: 1440 N Federal Hwy, Delray Beach, FL 33483
Phone:(561) 278-1100
Hours: 9am – 7pm
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  1. What a GORGEOUS place! Looks like it could be a lot of fun too!

  2. I love their philosophy about cloud nine. It looks like a very nice spa to visit.

  3. Umm…I totally NEED this place in my LIFE! Seriously, how amazing is this!?

  4. Wow, this spa truly embodies the look of a fancy boutique. I am excited to visit the location they are opening here in Las Vegas!

  5. We're heading to the Delray area in 2 weeks! I need to stop in!

  6. Oh this store looks so cute! I love these styles, gotta get to Florida!

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