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Let’s face it; no one likes going to the dentist. I don’t know about you guys, but I can think of a hundred other places I would rather spend my time. However, we all know that regular checkups are imperative. If not, things can go downhill pretty fast. I have found that it is all about mind over matter. So, I try not to focus so much on the discomfort of a regular dental visit. I think about what can happen if I don’t maintain a healthy oral regimen, which includes brushing, flossing and getting regular dental cleanings. 
With that being said, keep reading to learn why it is so important to get regular dental cleanings.
Brighten Your Smile
Even if you don’t have the straightest teeth, you want them to be as white as possible. Over time the consumption of not only coffee and tea, but different foods and tobacco, can cause horrible staining. A dental cleaning can assist in removing all that buildup, leaving your mouth feeling fresh and your teeth looking noticeably polished.

Freshen Your Breath
Several years ago I started dating this really, really awesome guy. He was sooo handsome and just a nice person. Our first date went great, and at that moment I knew I had found my McDreamy. However, things shifted rather quickly, because on the second date he pulled out a pack of Cigarettes. Although surprised, and a little annoyed, I quickly hit my ignore button, because after all, he was my McDreamy. As the second date came to an end and the first kiss happened, the death of my McDreamy happened. For those few seconds, I thought I was the one who smoked. 

This is why good oral hygiene is so important and the best way to prevent persistent bad breath. Brushing and flossing regularly is great. However, regular cleanings is best for keeping your mouth healthy and odor-free.
Prevents Tooth Loss
Gum disease is one of the leading causes of tooth loss in adults. Although you may brush frequently additional steps, such as regular cleanings and checkups are essential. 

Early Detection
Regular visits will help your dentist detect any early tooth or gum problems. During your appointment, the hygienist will check your teeth and gums for evidence of decay or disease. In addition, you will be screened for oral cancer, fluoride treatments will be provided as necessary, and your medical history will be updated accordingly.

Save Money
If you have a dental plan, 100% of your regular visits and/or cleanings are usually covered or require only a very small co-pay. Even if not covered, the price for cleanings is usually pretty minimal, especially if you compare it to the cost of procedures like root canals or gum surgery.
Oral Cancer Screening

Remember Sassy Peeps, the primary purpose for having your teeth cleaned is to prevent or delay the progression of periodontal disease. Please note that in addition to having your teeth professionally cleaned, it is important to maintain good oral hygiene at home, eat a healthy diet, and abstain from tobacco use. Together, these routines are the most effective way to prevent periodontal disease.

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Now, a few questions to you, Sassy Peeps! How do you feel about visiting the dentist? Do you get regular cleanings? If so, how often? If not, what’s stopping you? Inquiring minds would like to know!

Have A Happy Healthy, and Remember to Always…
Stay Sassy!


  1. Regular dental checkups are so important. Thanks for the reminder! I need to book mine!

  2. I have been with this dentist Hermosa Beach for several yrs. He has addressed all my dental issues: dentures, root canals, veneers, & other common issues and has done so with detailed care and sensitivity.

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