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When I first started blogging, Simply Sassy Style was based solely around fashion. However, over the past couple of years it has totally morphed into an auto, fashion and lifestyle blog. My first automotive collaboration was a super fun review of OPI nail polish. I remember I was so excited to be working with Ford for the first time. The campaign was called, Taking the “Pedi to the Metal with Ford Mustang by OPI and I still remember it like it was yesterday. As time goes on, and as I find myself becoming more and more involved in the automotive industry, I notice that the opportunities are endless. I have been blessed to experience travel, event coverage, interviews with automotive leaders and most importantly, I have built amazing and long lasting friendships with women who have similar interests.
To be honest I never expected to meet so many great gals on this auto journey and because if this, I thought it was time to recognize a handful of them in a 3 part series called, Women Who Drive. 

Yes! I totally mean women who love getting behind the wheel of snazzy rides and testing their limits, but I also mean courageous trailblazers who not only drive vehicles, but who are driving the auto industry in more ways than one.
I recently read an online Forbes article, which stated that women are the buying force when it comes to purchasing vehicles. This fact does not surprise me at all, but it does excite me, because acknowledgements like this a partly due to the shift that I have noticed when it comes to women and cars. Auto brands are now recognizing the value we bring to the industry as a whole. You can tell by the powerful and influential positions that women hold throughout the industry. You can also tell by the new designs, the colors and the features that come equipped in the latest vehicles. The women in this article have and are helping to influence these amazing changes as well. Rock on Ladies!!! Keep influencing the world with your AWESOMENESS!!!! 

Now without further ado let’s meet four of these amazing ladies….

Meet my girl and the best drive partner ever, Fadra Nally – Eldersburg, Maryland

Fadra is a self-proclaimed “chick who digs cars,” Fadra has long been a fan of aesthetics over mechanics. When she’s not looking for an excuse to buy or drive a new car, she spends her time writing, blogging, and vlogging on her lifestyle blog, AllThingsFadra.com, and contributing to SheBuysCars.com

Fadra girl you giving me life the way you are rocking those shades. #Fire!
Meet my sister from another misterMissi Perez – Indianapolis, Indiana

I never thought that I would meet another blogger from my home town, Battle Creek, MI…and here she stands looking super fly while bringing life to that sassy VDUB! #Werk!

Missi is a native Michigander and Nurse, turned business owner, blogger and social media guru. While most of my day is spent helping companies reach their customers through the power of the internet, you can also find me folding laundry, running to soccer practice and attending all kinds of events. I also watch Frozen with my daughters seven days a week, and drive Go-Karts with my husband. Then sometime after that, I go to sleep. If I’m lucky..

You can find Missi doing her thing at Lifeispoppin.com.

NOTE: Her families dream is to explore Alaska in a red Ferrari FF.

Meet the cool, sassy and super sexy Vanessa James – Miami, FL

Vanessa James is a multicultural millennial influencer with true connection to her followers, fans and subscribers! Whether you’re a brand looking for true organic reach and connection, travel enthusiast or music and lifestyle culturist, Vanessa is your go-to girl!

Vanessa is extremely well-rounded and diverse. Since meeting her I have learned so much. Thanks girl! Love your fineness and that pose you are working! 

Stop by and check out Vanessa at Vanessajamesmedia.com. You won’t be sorry.
Last but not least, meet the snazziest and sexiest drive partner one could ever have, Cathy Droz – Phoenix, Arizona

Cathy is an author of, ” A Woman’s Guide to buying a car with Confidence and Street Smarts.” Automotive Journalist ( 500 cars test driven in 12 years) and Founder of HER Certified On-line training certification How to Sell to Women in the 21st Century. Her goals and passion are to empower girls between 10 and 15 years old on how to negotiate through life. If they can negotiate a car deal, while building their confidence, anything is possible. Keynote speaker, TV and Radio representation. By acknowledging the buying power of women the HER certified program will increase sales to women for dealerships and bring customer service to the highest level in 50 years. 

NOTE: Her book can be ordered off her website only at this time only www.hercertified.com.

I remember when I met Cathy for the first time. I was so drawn to her fire and energy. This gorgeous woman KNOWSSS how to work a room! Oh one more thing! Anytime you see red heels in a car, on top of a car, next to a car, I am sure Cathy is not far away. Red heels are her signature. 

For more information about the ladies click on the links highlighted in their bio’s!
Have A Happy Healthy, and Remember to Always…
Stay Sassy!

*Disclosure: Photos and bio information was provided to me by each influencer for post use.

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  1. It's great to hear that women are more influential in the automotive industry. And I must say Cathy sure does rock those red heels.

  2. Influential women are the best women to follow. They know what they want, they want to get there fast but help others! That is what I wold want my kiddos to follow in life! You can do anything with a lot of work!

  3. Those ladies all rock. I am off to check out their profiles now.

  4. You always think of men holding the automotive industry, but I have personally seen a big shift lately with lots of women popping up in the industry everywhere. You go girls!

  5. This is super cool, Love that you are sharing this and will have to follow these ladies for sure!

  6. What strong and amazing women! Also, that white Infiniti is beautiful! I have always wanted one.

  7. It's great to hear about all these women. I'll be checking out their profiles too. I love that they're more in to the automotive industry too.

  8. Anonymous says: Reply

    What a great story of how things evolved! These are some great women to have in your corner!

  9. These women are amazing! Nice to hear that I'm not the only women that loves cars!

  10. Alicia says: Reply

    Sounds like a great group of gals you got to hang out with! Those are some nice cars, too.

  11. Ha! I love all these women and what they stand for! Cheers for women who drive and drive more than just cars! I have to say… I loving Missy wearing tulle with her VW Bug!!

  12. Women are underrepresented in so many areas. Its nice to know that this is changing.

  13. This is so great! I love the pictures as well! What an awesome group of ladies!

  14. I'm late to the party but you know I love you, Dawn. You are so much fun to drive with and I'm so happy that the world of cars has made us friends! Keep driving and see you soon! Somewhere!

  15. I think it is awesome that you always get to try out new cars! I look forward to what you are driving every week!

  16. Stacie says: Reply

    It's girl power all over the place up in here! I love that women are a driving force – pun intended – in the automotive industry. PLUS, you girls are making it look sex-SAY!

  17. Those ladies sound like inspirations. Great to see these women rocking a typically male field.

  18. This is really cool to see all of these ladies with the ride. I am impressed by their accomplishments and love learning about them all.

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  20. NPC says: Reply

    What a fun series, I am a car buff myself and love to drive. Especially fast cars!

  21. Ann B says: Reply

    These are all amazing women. It is refreshing to see so many women in the industry.

  22. Greta feature! I don't consider myself as a car buff, but it's nice to see that women like them are debunking the gender stereotype that men are the only ones into the cars.

  23. I love to see women who are making ways in a "man's" area like the automotive industry. What a great line up of ladies.

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  26. I absolutely love that you're highlighting women pushing onward in a male dominated world. Such power there! I'm so happy to see this!!!

  27. That is so wonderful that there are some powerful women behind the wheels. I stopped driving when I got into multiple accidents when I was pregnant.

  28. These are beautiful vehicles! I love seeing women driving fancy cars like this. It makes me so happy!

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