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Hello Sassy Peeps!

You guys already knew a follow up post was brewing somewhere in the universe and now without further ado here it is! Yeaa! FYI….If you missed the first one just go check it out at Discovering The Fun And Fantastic All New Kia

Now let’s chat! I am so excited about this second recap. I didn’t realize just how many amazing shots I captured until I started going through my camera after returning home. San Diego is full of amazingness! Wait is that a word? If not let’s just pretend it is for the moment! HAHA! Anywho! I really love having the opportunity to share my time on the road with you guys and this time is no exception. True! I have visited San Diego before but never through the eyes of Kia!

Upon arrival my heart was pounding due to anticipation. As stated above, this was the first time traveling with Kia so I really had no idea what to expect. However, as soon as I touched down I was greeted by the friendliest smile and made to feel extremely comfortable. After arriving at the Hard Rock Hotel SD and mingling in the lounge area a bit my nerves and anxiety when out the window of the Hard Rock and was immediately replaced with enthusiasm and excited!

After settling in, media had an opportunity to see San Diego up close and personal through the eyes of a Pedicab! I have to be honest, I have traveled in many a Pedi but Gaslamp Quarter pedi’s are different. While heading over to the Rustic Root for some networking, great food and exceptional entertainment, I had the pleasure of riding in one that represented major swag! The pedicab driver was definitively making a statement with his fly leather fedora and head banging music.

After all of the Root festivities, Danielle from, The Cubicle Chick, and I took to the streets on foot and experienced the very live and historic Gaslamp Quarter for the first time! Which was totally epic, but the one thing that took this entire night to another level was the pedi experience on the way back to Hard Rock. I mean this cab had hanging lights and as we rode through the streets of SD, our driver took us through a time capsule and we ended up in the 80’s, rocking it out to a mixed version of “Ice Ice Baby”! Yessss! That entire experience gave me so much life that I still find myself humming it randomly throughout the day! #ANightToRemember!

Although I was extremely tired from the day’s travel, when we arrived back the hotel, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to wander around a bit. #JustCallMeTheWanderer! In the mist of my wandering I stumbled upon some of the best art, photos and murals ever! It felt like I had died and gone to music heaven! #Wowser!
On the second day of the trip I laid eyes on the all new groundbreaking, game-changing and let’s not forget great-looking 2017 Kia Niro Hybrid Utility Vehicle. Can you say OMG?!?!!?! If you are looking for an affordable hybrid hatchback that delivers major cargo room, effortless maneuverability, and an elevated stance then this sporty and smart vehicle is the one you need in your life. 

This sweet hybrid utility vehicle is powered by a gas-electric hybrid system and is targeted to have a 50 MPG* combined fuel-economy rating when it receives final EPA certification. The Niro’s powertrain is highlighted by an all-new, extremely efficient 1.6L Kappa GDI engine and a smooth-transitioning 6-speed, dual-clutch automatic transmission that’s unheard-of among hybrids. It also features UVO-based telematics that help boost fuel economy via the Predictive-Energy Control and Coasting Guide*, as well as lightweight advanced body materials. #Sweet!
As I continue to write this post and think about all of the activities I participated in while with my Kia friends and family I can’t help but feel nostalgic! One karaoke evening, years ago, a friend of mine and I were really bold and decided to rock out to “When Doves Cry” HAHA! I still remember it like it was yesterday! In our minds we were totally gonna kill it, but when reality happen it was totally the opposite! Let’s just say, horrible voices mixed with a few drinks, makes for a totally hilarious and memorable experience! 

Now let’s fast forward things to a few weeks ago. On our last night Kia set up this amazing karaoke party! We all got a chance to let our hair down and rock out to some of our favorite music! Danielle and I kept the “Ice Ice Baby” thing going and created our own version! LOL! OMG! All I have to say is BIG Thanks to Danielle! She carried the entire performance. All I really did was sing the chorus and dance!!! HAHA! 
Thanks again for everything! You totally ROCK! 

Do you guys love to travel as much as I do? If so, what is your favorite place to visit? Inquiring minds want to know!

To learn more about this super live brand just visit their Website!

Have A Happy Healthy, and Remember to Always…
Stay Sassy!

*Disclosure: All Hotel and travel services were provided to me for editorial consideration. As always, all opinions are 100% my own*


  1. I was just in San Diego and I missed all of this. Looks like you had a great time in that Kia exploring San Diego.

  2. San Diego is a fantastic city. There is so much to see and do there.

  3. I was in San Diego last year and loved everything there!! Looks like a great even to attend, I personally love my Kia minivan they make amazing cars.

  4. LOVE My Kia and so totally miss SD! That is one place I would always move back to. So thanks for letting me travel back vicariously. Looks like an amazing trip!

  5. I have been thinking of getting a new vehicle for our family. I will have to take the 2017 Kia Niro Hybrid for a test drive. It has all the features I am looking for.

  6. It looks like such a fun place to drive through. When in a Kia, it's even better, right?

  7. What a fun time in San Diego! I need to go back soon. The Kia looks wonderful too. Almost time to start car shopping again!

  8. San Diego isn't too fsr away from our home, and we have gone down there on occasion. You got some really cool photos of the city though, I bet you had a great time driving around.

  9. It is so exciting to go new place on a new car – love your experience!!

  10. I have always wanted to visit San Diego! My Dad is there right now for work! What a fun experience driving that awesome Kia around the area!

  11. OMG! Yes it was amazing! THis was my first time traveling with them and it was totally Epic

  12. Thanks so much Lena!!!

  13. Thanks girl! Yessss it was so much fun capturing all of the moments. I loved it.

  14. omg yes. the niro is such a cool ride.

  15. This could almost make me want to go to San Diego – and then all that food…. 🙂

  16. oh my what a great trip you took me on love the great snacks as well

  17. I have never been to San Diego, but it looks like fun. I would love to go!

  18. I also wanted to visit San Diego soon, I think that is the best place to have a staycation stress-free!

  19. San Diego is a city that I really want to visit one of these days. Look at those cupcakes! I love to travel. Florida is my favorite place to go.

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