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Not sure about you guys but for the last month or so I have been hearing a lot about a really cool product called Dermaroller. The first few times it came up, I didn’t really think anything of it, but as time went on I became more and more intrigued. Ladies, you know we are always on the lookout for amazing new beauty products so I thought why not take a look.

During my research I found that the roller was first introduced in 1995. Collagen Induction Therapy or CIT process (also called the microneedling process) came about as a less risky method of skin care treatment. This sounds great to me, because less risky is always best in my book. Additionally, it stimulates the body’s natural healing process rather than using abrasive methods that harm the skin’s surface. The result is a treatment that is performed as an in-office procedure, meaning the client walks out right after the procedure. 
The microneedling process.
Microneedling involves the use of a device with micro sized, medical-grade needles that are stamped or rolled across the skin to penetrate the dermal layer of skin. It is in the dermal layer that collagen and elastin fibers are created to repair damage. Why encourage repair? In this produce, skin repairs itself by producing fresh, new cells to replace the damaged and dead cells.
There are an assortment of Dermaroller devices to treat different issues and areas. Dermapens and Dermastamps are for use on very small areas, such as a small scar. Those devices are shaped like a pen with a limited number of needles on them. The Dermaroller has a handle and a barrel shaped roller on the end which is covered in needles. This allows it to be rolled across the skin, making it easy to use on large areas or the face.
Collagen enhancement.
The microneedling procedure results in temporarily creating micro channels in the skin. These channels, or conduits, close within a couple hours of the treatment. While they are open, the skin is highly receptive to the absorption of topical products. This is the reason clinics use collagen or vitamin masks, collagen induction serums, and other vitamin or mineral enhancing products in conjunction with the procedure. Collagen plays a vital role in skin rejuvenation, especially when it comes to wrinkles. Radio frequency, ultherapy, and laser devices do not make the skin receptive to collagen induction.
What is involved in the treatment?
When you go to the clinic, the technician will offer a topical anesthetic so that the treatment is not uncomfortable. If they don’t offer it and you have a low tolerance for pain, you can easily request it. Once the anesthetic has had time to take effect, they will then use the Dermaroller device. Afterwards, they will hydrate the skin with moisturizers or saline. Depending on how large the area being treated, the application averages to about 15 minutes.
If the skin condition is moderate to severe, you will likely require several sessions about six weeks apart. This allows time for collagen production to begin and to measure results before another session.
What skin conditions can be treated?
This procedure is used for a variety of skin issues, including acne prone skin, scar reduction, regrowing hair, and more. You can use it to give your skin a healthy look as it reduces pore size and smooths the skin. By stimulating collagen production, it thickens the skin, making it work well for anti aging. It is used for scar reduction because it reaches down to the dermal layer of skin to initiate collagen production to restart the healing process. Over time, the scar tissues will be replaced with healthy tissue.
Last things to consider.
The best way to take care of your skin after your treatment is by protecting the skin from further damage. Use sunblock with a good SPF before going out in the sun and limit your exposure for at least a couple weeks. Keep moisturizing your skin as hydration plays a role in the healing process. Be patient while waiting for the results. Your body does not heal instantly and this process works with your skin’s ability to repair itself, so it will take time to see the full effects.
Based on the information I found I would definitely give it a try. How about you Sassy Peeps…Have you heard of the product before and if so would you try it? Inquiring minds want to know?
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  2. Thanks Elizabeth. I really appreciate your awesome comment

  3. This is the first time I have heard about Dermarolling. It sounds like it is really beneficial for a lot of different skin conditions!

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  12. I have never heard of the Dermaroller before. It sounds like an interesting process. I would give it a try.

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  17. I've never heard of this before! I really want to try this! Maybe it can make my skin look better!

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