St Pete Beach, FL

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Hope all is well! So last week I found myself in a part of Florida that I never knew existed, called ST. PETE BEACH, FL. I usually hang out in north and south Florida, so when I was invited to explore the west part of the state I couldn’t wait for the journey to begin!

A few days after I received the invite I reached out to my mom, and asked her if she wanted to take one of our Gibson Gal Road Trips and hang out on a new beach, with new Floridians for a few days. She was totally down and a about a month later we hit I-75 heading west. In just a little under four hours we were on the quaint and magical Pass-a-grille, St. Pete Beach Island ready to get the party started.

When I originally heard the name Pass-a-grille I was immediately intrigued. I found out that Pass-a-Grille Beach, Pinellas County — is referred to the practice of fishermen, who would stop here on their way crossing over the island to cook or grill their meals. I have to tell you guys this totally makes sense, because everyone that I encountered on the island was extremely nice, extremely laid back and there are fishing piers everywhere. Pass-a-Grille is the perfect name for this place! It totally fits.

St Pete Beach, FL

St Pete Beach, FL

Since our Inn was only steps away from the beach, I was there pretty much the entire time. I know that this post is a little out of sync. I am sure most of you expected me to write about the Inn and the overall experience first, but I decided to switch things up a bit. There was so much to take in that I am still trying to wrap my mind around the memorable and totally epic trip. So no worries there are several articles soon to come.

During my time there I literally fell in love with the place, and as I walked up and down the sandy beach I decided to leave my mark on the island by capturing a picture of my foot prints. I am sure that only a few minutes after I took the photo the water washed them away, but I still have that moment captured on camera and imprinted in my mind forever! Each time I visit, I will always go to my little spot of one of the most wonderful beaches that I have ever by blessed to experience.

St Pete Beach, FL

St Pete Beach, FL
// Outfit Details // Maxi – Nina’s PlaceNecklace  – Gifted/Handcrafted, Sunnies – Festival Flea Market

St Pete Beach, FL

St Pete Beach, FL
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  1. I LOVE that outfit! It is perfect for not only the beach, but a beach restaurant! I just love those colors on you! I have never been to St Pete's before, but I hope to soon!

    1. Thank you sooo much Jeannette.

  2. I love the beaches in Florida. I don't think I have been to this one. What a great way to remember the beach with your footprints in the sand.

  3. I enjoy walking on the beach and reflecting. What a gorgeous view. Love the dress.

    1. Thanks Tara. This was my first time. It is amazing. I can’t wait to go back.

      1. Thanks Stacie!

  4. Thank you so much Jeannette. I love this dress…I recently got it while shopping at the Festival Flea Market in Pompano

  5. I love them too. They are all so amazing. Oh thanks so much Yes….I totally wanted to leave my mark somehow and was happy when that came to mind.

  6. I love your dress! I have never been to Florida and I want to go so bad! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I could go for some warm Florida weather with the cold we're having here in Jersey. That dress really suits you!

  8. I can definitely see why you spent so much time at the beach. It looks so pleasant! I'm glad your trip was so nice. Your flowy dress is super pretty!

  9. Sounds like a beautiful beach. I would love to go there. I have never been to Florida, but have always wanted to go.

  10. What a beautiful dress, so perfect for the beach. I've been to other parts of Florida but never St. Petes. It looks lovely.

  11. I would love to be on that beach right now. I love the photo of your footprints.

  12. That dress is so beautiful. It would be amazing to go to St. Pete Beach.

  13. What an amazing trip! I really love this post! Memories are really precious! Love that footprint pic too!

  14. Thank you so much Toni!!! I had such a great time…cant wait to share the rest of my time there with you guys.

  15. Thanks Oriana…That was a special moment for me.

  16. Thanks Liz…xoxox

  17. Who needs to leave the country, when we have a tropical paradise right here in the US?!

  18. That is such a gorgeous dress on you. We're going to the Caribbean soon so your post is really getting me excited about heading to Florida and the tropics.

  19. You look beautiful and that dress is just stunning on you! I love that you can enjoy some Tropical paradise without needing to get a passport–

  20. Amen to that Reesa…

  21. Yeaa so I am so happy it can help. have fun

  22. Thank you so much Melissa…Yesss I soo happy that there are places right here in the us

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