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I am so excited to share my Inn on the Beach/Pass-A-Grille, St. Pete Beach experience with you guys! I have been blessed to visit several gorgeous places in my lifetime, but there is simply nothing that compares to the rustic beauty of St. Pete Beach, FL. #Paradise! 

While visiting, my mom and I had the pleasure of getting up close and personal with the Inn and the Island. We discovered several awesomely cool things that make this a perfect statycation spot. Read a little further and check them out below.


Extremely Cozy, Charming and Tranquil Cottage
The cottage has an open floor concept and it’s perfect. It is very cozy, well-lit and amazingly charming. The king-size mattresses and the sofa were so comfortable that there were times we didn’t want to leave; and that says a lot coming from a self-proclaimed explorer. They literally have everything set up like you are home away from home. #SimplyAmazing!

NOTE: Although we choose to stay in the cottage, there are also one bedroom and studio suite themed rooms along with the Inn Keepers House available for rent.

Exceptionally Clean
The Inn and the Island was so clean my mom and I kept looking at each and saying wow! LOL! I must say that every inch of the cottage was spotless. The fabulous ice box sparkled inside and out, and the 100% single ply cotton; minimum 400-thread count linen were extremely fluffy and white. Although we usually take our own soaps and lotions while staycationing. I loved that the cottage offered high quality soaps, shampoos and lotions. This is a total bonus because there have been times when I forgot both.

The Yellow Ice Box
As the Inn manger gave us a tour of the place, we were totally sold the moment we laid eyes on “the yellow canary
“. What is “the yellow canary” you might ask. Well it is the most amazing, the most chic, SMEG 1950s Left Hinge Retro Style Refrigerator / Freezer ever. To be honest she could have left at that very moment, because we were both in love. It fit so well with the adorable blue and white cottage decor. Everything about the entire look screamed Florida! #NailedIt!User Friendly Wireless

When traveling, I have found that at times it is difficult to connect to the internet. Well not here. I was pleasantly surprised that every time I logged in, I was connected and ready to work in a matter of minutes. Total A++++!

Private Parking

The cabin came equipped with its very own private parking. I can not tell you how convenient this is especially when returning from a long evening. It’s great that we didn’t have to search for a parking spot, and had the luxury of parking the fabulous Lincoln MKX without any hassle.
Fully Equipped

Kitchen and Private Balcony
My mom loves to cook, so she couldn’t wait to pull out the groceries and do her thing. The kitchen is so cool. It comes equipped with pretty much everything. We ate in twice during our stay and I never heard her complain once. The only thing I heard coming from the kitchen was humming and pots banging! LOL! Once dinner was ready, we headed out to the private balcony, enjoyed the ocean breeze and chatted until it was TV time. LOL! I need a TV Anonymous group and bad. #Help!

Super Friendly
I have to tell  you guys that I have never been to a place where everyone you meet is genuinely friendly; well not until I visited St. Pete Beach. Everyone was so laid back and welcoming. I tell you it was amazing. Everyone we crossed paths with made it a point to smile and say hi or wave. It made us feel really welcomed. 
Long Walks on the Beach
Needless to say, living in South Florida we are used to gorgeous beaches. However, I have found that each beach is usually totally different than the next and in this case it is no different. The Cottage is next door to the Inn, and just steps away from the one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen. 

While strolling along all you see is stunning views of the Gulf of Mexico and miles of miles of powdery sand. #Wow! At the southernmost point of the beach, fishermen hang their poles over the pier. Along the shore, sea shell enthusiasts comb the sand for some of the most unique and exquisite shells in the area and at dusk, you can watch the pinkish orb of the sun sink into the waterThe magical part about the entire experience is that while scrolling along the beach I had a chance to leave my mark. Click on link to find out more.
Watch the Sunset 
Every evening all of the locals gather along the beach to watch the beautiful sunset. How do we know you might ask? Well, as stated previously, everyone is extremely welcoming. While we were out exploring the Island, pretty much everyone we came across told us where to go, what time to be there and to make sure we didn’t miss this gorgeous sight. #BondingMoments! 
One word comes to mind when I think of this Island, Magical! I remember on our last day there I felt like I was in morning. LOL! Here’s a tip Sassy Peeps! You will definitely need to spend at least four days in this magical place.

Inn on the Beach, thank you for the TOTALLY EPIC experience! It was one of the most amazing staycations I have ever experienced! In my opinion you pretty much nailed everything. However, there was one small thing that I would have liked to see, and that was for drinking water to available during breakfast. Other than that everything was perfect!

Sassy Peeps, if you are searching for the perfect St. Pete Beach hotel experience, look no further. Inn on the Beach has everything a staycationer could want and more. 

Now a few questions to my readers...Have you guys ever had the pleasure of visiting St. Pete Beach? If so, did you join Inn on the Beach for a totally epic experience? If not, would you now? Inquiring minds want to know!

To learn more about Inn on the Beach and all of the activities available during your stay just visit their Website!

More About Inn on the Beach! 

Nostalgic and hip. Wistful and reflective. Irreverent with hints of a bygone era. Those are just some of the descriptions that Inn on the Beach evokes for us. Jonathan Daou, creator of OpenHouse, an experiential real estate curator in New York City, purchased the Inn in 2014 with the goal of bringing a fresh take to the traditional hotel experience. In 2015 and 2016, Inn on the Beach will go through a thoughtful, tasteful renovation, aligning the physical experience with the fantastic and long-standing innkeeping team at Inn on the Beach.

In the meantime, come visit with them and experience the rustic beauty of Inn on the Beach and all that surrounds it. In a world that is increasingly on-demand, we hope that Inn on the Beach will help you transcend your own sense of time in the paradise that is Pass-a-Grille, Florida. 

Have A Happy Healthy, and Remember to Always…

Stay Sassy!

*Disclosure: The hotel stay and all Inn services were provided to me for editorial consideration. As always, all opinions are 100% my own*


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