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Hey Sassy Peeps!

Hope all is well! So far so go on this home front!

Now let’s talk setting goals for 2017. I have to be honest, I always set a few goals and I am really happy when I reach them. However, lately it seems like it is becoming more and more important for me to actually set them, write them down and, most importantly, execute them. Once they come into fruition, I know that I am on the right track. This year I made it a point to created a list of 2017 goals, both personal and business related.

I have been blogging for about 6 years now, although I am not sure if the first two should be counted. One year I only posted 16 times, and they were just affirmations. I guess that says a lot about my first few blogging years. LOL! But I won’t knock the hustle, because those two years helped to transform Simply Sassy Style into what it is today.

Now on to the good stuff!

setting goals


Create and Consistently Use Blogging Calendar – Yes! I am that girl who always creates a Blogger Calendar at the beginning of the year and a month, yes month, into the year I can’t even find the darn thing. 2017 is all about accountability and no nonsense for this blogging gal. I am gonna stick with it and I have put some things in place to make sure that even if I don’t last the entire year I will last longer than a month!

  • My home girl Lucy from Cruelty Free Beauty is my new accountability partner. She is great at setting goals and organization so I know she will be a big help.
  • I purchased a tangible calendar, something I can actually touch. If I try to keep track of things online it will be over before I even get started.
  • Along with the calendar, I purchased all of these fruity colored pencils, pens and highlighters. This is to keep my ADD at bay and to keep me focused.
  • Last, but not least. I found out the best times to publish on the blog and via social media. I find this part very interesting and also a challenge. So I know this will keep me intrigued. 

Get Organized – Getting organized has never been my strong suit. I laugh sometimes when I think of my organization. I remember when I would go on interviews and they would always ask what are your strengths, and yes little miss liar would say “organization”. Sometimes I would duck, thinking I was about to get struck down by lightening, because that was a BIG lie. LOL! I am horrible at it and always have been. Although I am sure that an accountability partner, setting goals and a blogging calendar will help me in this area! Keep me in your prayers peeps! I need them! 

Authenticity – In the ’17 I want to maintain my authenticity. I want to share more things about myself other than fashion, automotive and travel. I want to open up a little more with my readers in hopes of creating a deeper connection.

The Comparing Game –  I don’t know about you guys but it’s hard not to compare yourself to others, not just in business, but in general. This year I am stopping all of that. I vow that I am gonna keep my head up and shoulders back. While my head is up it will not turn left trying to see if that next blogger/person has that opportunity I wish I had been given. The only time this head will turn is to say “Good Job!” and keep it moving.

Comfort Zone –  I totally want to step out of my comfort zone this year and every year after that. I have been dying to create more fashion and automotive videos. I have this GoPro that I still have not learned to use. SMH! #TotalSlacker! I know that when I do, it will be totally EPIC and sooo much fun.

setting goals

Increase Blog Traffic (Unique Monthly Views/Page Views) – This is something that has been on my mind for awhile. I am really interested in increasing my traffic. I know a lot of people say this is not a big deal, but it still seems to be a very big deal for opportunities. If it wasn’t, so many brands wouldn’t ask for this information and not pick you for campaigns when your numbers don’t fit their bill. So yeah size, I mean numbers matter. No biggie! It’s only business…business that I am dead set on increasing.

Increase Social Media Numbers – I have been working hard on increasing my social media numbers and I have to admit that I am pretty pleased with the progress, and still, they could be better. Some of my platforms need a lot more work than others, but if I could double the numbers on each platform I would feel like I am totally winning.

Cars Reviews – This one will be short and sweet! I am in LOVE with the auto industry and I want to review more cars this year! I reviewed 26 last year and anything above that will make me a happy camper.

Travel –  Same goes for travel! Travel is EVERYTHING! I would love to double the travel this year! Again making me a happy camper!

Increase Blog Revenue –  True! I love what I do and I feel so blessed to be in the position. However, the end goal is to increase blog revenue, and I feel doing all of the things I listed above will assist in the endeavor.

So Sassy Peeps! Are you working on setting goals for 2017? If so, let us in on a few. Inquiring minds want to know!

Happy Holidays and Remember to Always….Stay Sassy

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  1. Sandy says: Reply

    Good and realistic goals, hope you achieve what you desire. May 2017 brings more success.

  2. I need to step out of my comfort zone. I need to pitch companies more.

  3. robin masshole mommy says: Reply

    I am hoping to travel a little more this year, too! Hope you have an awesome 2017!

  4. I share a few of the same goals: increasing views, social, and income. I also want to set up a newsletter.

  5. Love your goals 🙂

    This year I’m shifting toward monthly goals. I think the frequent check-ins will help keep me accountable and on track to reaching my overall vision! 🙂

  6. Dawn Nieves says: Reply

    These are great goals. I just sat down last weekend to lay out my goals for the year. I think it’s great to visualize what we want!

  7. Fariha says: Reply

    These are great goals. It can be really enlightening to sit down and figure out what you really want your goals for the year to be. I look forward to learning more about you in 2017!

  8. I need to make a Blogger Calendar. I have been working on my list of goals for 2017. I need to pick up a pocket calendar I can use for it.

  9. Randa Derkson says: Reply

    These are great tips for setting your goals. I like to set smaller goals for myself that lead up to a larger goal. I started planning out my Blogger Calendar over the Holidays. I will have to get it back out and keep up with it.

  10. I know that I get a LOT more done when I have accountability partners to kick me in the rear at times. And, if it isn’t written down I am apt to forget it!

  11. Sarah Bailey says: Reply

    I am totally looking to branch out with my blog. I hope that 2017 brings you everything that you want and more.

  12. I am glad of the progress that you have in your blogging this 2016 and best of luck for a better performance for this year. Goodluck and Godspeed.

  13. Good luck with your goals! One of mine is to build my blog!

  14. Kathy says: Reply

    I think it’s great to set goals. It helps you reach them more too. I need to get myself some goals set for the year.

  15. You have some great goals here. I love tangible calendars, especially one for blogging. Good luck on your goals and Happy New Year!

  16. Lhourdes Mercadero says: Reply

    I guess everyone like/wish to travel more this year. Hope I could also get a chance to travel this year with my family. Thanks for all those tips, it is going to be helpful for someone like me who just started tonget an grip to blogging

  17. We have some same goals for 2017. 😀 Increasing traffic and social media followers. Hopefully you’ll accomplish all your goals this year! Cheers!

  18. Karlyn Cruz says: Reply

    Setting realistic goals are really important if everyone wants to achieve it

  19. Victoria Heckstall says: Reply

    This is such a smart tips for everyone. Honestly I’m still setting up my goals for this month.

  20. Lisa says: Reply

    I recently did that and it felt so good to get them down on a list instead of a swirling in my head. Then I broke them down by month to hang at my desk!

  21. I have set myself some goals for this year and so far things seem to be on track! You have set yourself some brilliant goals here and hopefully this year will be good to you! All the best x

  22. Tara says: Reply

    It’s great that you are setting goes for yourself. Having everything written down in a calendar really does help.

  23. Bill S says: Reply

    These are great tips for setting goals!! So important to have something to work towards and achieve!

  24. I need to sit down and create a list of specific blogging goals for the new year. It seems like the last few weeks have been kinda hectic around here. Thanks for the reminder.

  25. Candy says: Reply

    I have several goals written down and working on them in stages. Not so overwhelming for me this way. Getting organized has helped so much.

  26. I’ve been pretty consistent about posting so far, but I pretty much have a lot of ideas and need to execute!

  27. I have set a lofty goal for myself this year and I’m hoping to get to it. We need a little bit more money and so I made a big goal of earning double what I earned last year.

  28. I’ve set several goals for myself when it comes to blogging. Every single year I set a goal of increasing in page views, income, etc. and I’ve met them all so far. I, too, want to travel more.

  29. I love your outlook for the year. I sounds like it will be super awesome! I can’t wait to read all about your journey!

  30. Pam says: Reply

    Great goals for 2017! It can be hard to keep your authenticity unless you make it a priority.

  31. These are great goals! I was debating on joining up with someone as an accountability partner because I am so busy that I’m afraid I couldn’t hold up my side of the bargain. I am hoping to gain more page views as well Goal is 50k per month.

  32. I have set some goals for my blogs – and that is to be more consistent in creating content and sharing them on social media. I have a good sized readership base, and I am aware of the fact that I should deliver enough articles to keep them interested.

  33. Misty Dawn Nelson says: Reply

    Goodluck with your goals, I have goals and need to accomplish and I need to finish it on time before day ends so I have many times to my kids.

  34. Jeanine says: Reply

    Comparing myself is something I REALLY need to stop doing. It can be hard, but it can be done and really, I just need to focus on me and doing my own thing because it seems to be working! So others aren’t important.

  35. I’ve been pretty consistent about posting so far this year. I seem to have more saved ideas than in my drafts section. I never made it a resolution, but I just told myself I’m going to blog and now I’ve been doing it daily. I feel like its a great start, but I don’t want to run out of steam.

  36. Amanda says: Reply

    It is so smart of you to have an accountability partner…I really need one of these to keep me focused and on my toes. I do so well staying focused until Spring and once the weather gets warmer I’m toast!

  37. I just wrote my 2017 blogging goals yesterday. I think setting goals helps a lot which is why I did it again this year. I want to grow my social media numbers but I’m I’m only focusing on Instagram this year,

  38. Emma says: Reply

    That’s what I’ve been doing these first couple weeks of the New Year.
    Setting goals for myself and my blog. My blog is only 6 months old but I’m hoping that 2017 is the year that I make some money from it so I’m reaching out to people in the hope of doing sponsored posts/ product reviews etc!

  39. I really love that you laid all these out, I think it really helps with achieving them! I really struggle with not comparing myself to others. There is just so much talent out there! But we each have our blogging gifts!

  40. Rebecca Swenor says: Reply

    These are great goals for 2017. My main goal for 2017 is to step out of my comfort zone and say “NO” to making other people problems my own. Thanks for sharing your goals.

  41. CourtneyLynne says: Reply

    Sounds like you are ready to kick 2017’s butt!!! Good luck on kicking these goals!

  42. Bee says: Reply

    Babe…your blog engagement is excellent . I’m sure the companies see that.
    This year , even I want to work hard on my blog. I’ll do the planning thing you mentioned.
    Bookmarking this post 😘

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  44. Goal setting is so important! It really helps you to clearly visualize what you’re aiming for. I need to write down my goals for this month/year!

  45. Must be awesome to have a Gopro so go go go, start using it hehehe. I slacked with blogging last year but this year, I hope I could do more.

  46. Thanks for sharing these goals to start the new year off. I should invest in a blogger calendar.

  47. Elizabeth O. says: Reply

    It’s nice to set goals for the year especially for your blog or business or work. It helps keep you focused and it puts you on the right track as well. I’m sure you’re going to do great this year, you have everything laid out.

  48. I’m trying to go the schedule route for this year. I’ve gotten the other parts down but this one is a bit of a struggle.

  49. Eloise says: Reply

    those are some great blogging goals you have set for yourself! I wish to obtain similar goals as you (esp with the increase of views and social media #’s as well) I believe it DOES give bloggers more opportunities… which is just what I want!) I would LOVE to make a living doing this and not needing any other job.
    I wish you luck and success in your journey this year : )

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  52. We sat down in late 2016 and decided to make a few blogging goals. I would love to increase traffic, and I hope a more consistent posting pattern will help us accomplish that goal.

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