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Let’s talk hair + humidity! How many of you frowned a little after reading those words?!?! I ask because I frowned while typing them. LOL!

Humidity has the worst effect on our hair and does some major style cramping with little to no effort. Ugh! When going head to head with THE BIG “H” most of us will lose. However, there are a few things you can do to show Mr. “BIG” why you are the #GirlBoss that you truly are!

Since I live in a very humid climate I am always thinking of workarounds. Meaning ways to stay cute when he shows his humid head. Check out 5 bad hair fixes below….

Cute Hats & Chic Scarves

When humidity strikes hats and scarves can totally save your look. What I love about these accessories are that they can be used to camouflage the frizz without actually looking like that’s what they are doing. You can also work them into your look when running late. Tying your hair up with a simple piece of material only takes a few minutes and can magically transform you into the Sassy chick that you totally are.


Spare Hair

Yep! I am ALL about Spare hair (Wigs, Extensions, Weave, Braids). I think every women should have some sort of spare hair on hand. It not only helps you maintain a polished look when she strikes, but it also gives your actual hair a rest. I personally love wigs! A few years before becoming a Natural girl my hair broke off really bad. Although I cut several inches off, it was so thin that I just decided to wear wigs to give it a break and to help my self-esteem. After a few years of rest and some esteem building it filled in and grew back beautifully.

The Updo

If you put your hair up, it can’t unfollow the rules. Just ensure you have your favorite holding spray, gel, cream or paste to help you create the look you want. I am personally obsessed with Moroccan Surfpaste. It totally holds my updo’s in place for hours and hours and hours! I am totally amazed how well it works, because I have searched for years and always ran straight into a dead end.

Which is all good, but now I have a different problem. I’ve been looking to purchase more and it seems to be sold out pretty much EVERYWHERE!!! If anyone knows where I can find the product DO TELL!!!!!


Good Styling Products

You MUST invest in good styling products. When I say invest, I don’t mean go out and buy the most experience thing on the market, I mean take time out to look for the product(s) that work best for your hair. There are some awesome anti humidity agents/serums/shampoos/conditioners out on the market.

I am currently in the middle of doing this myself.

Recently I have been getting so annoyed with my hair. I try not to, but when taking so much time to prepare it for the perfect twist out, and then minutes after walking outside I end up looking like James Brown’s mugshot, there is a BIG PROBLEM! #TheStruggleIsReal!

A couple of weeks ago, I saw this young women whose curls were poppin and hair texture looked really close to mine. After admiring it for more than a minute, I decided to asked her what she uses. She told me she couldn’t remember the name, but it’s a serum that says anti-humidity and protects hair from the sun. I ran out and grabbed a bottle that looks pretty much like what she described and I am totally praying it works! I will keep you guys posted.



Embrace It!

I kept the best one for last, just EMBRACE IT! Embrace the shrinkage, the frizz, the flatness or whatever hair issues that happen. TRUE, there are things you can do to assist in the matter, like I discussed above, but when you think about it, THE BIG “H” comes for us ALL and we have to learn to DEAL!

When Christina Nicholson from the Media Maven and I participated in the “BFFs AT Festival Commercial, we were both complaining about our hair. I was annoyed that shrinkage happened while shooting outside and she was annoyed that her hair went flat. After a few not so nice words directed at Mr. BIG, we just said FORGET IT and enjoyed this magical and fun time! If you haven’t already seen it, check it out below! I think we both look pretty darn CUTE!

Now to you Sassy Peeps! What are some of your workarounds for managing your hair when humidity happens? OR do you just embrace the look? Inquiring minds what to know!

Have A Happy Healthy, and Remember to Always…
Stay Sassy!
*Products were provided to me for editorial consideration. However, all opinions are 100% my own*


  1. I also live in a very humid climate. During the summer, I tend to embrace it and look for products that will help tame the frizz. I’ve got my eye on some the products you shared.

  2. All I can say is thank goodness for ponytails! My hair doesn’t really get affected by humidity because it’s straight, but bad hair days happen! It does get very flyaway when it is winter and dry.

  3. I struggle with the “big H” too. I’ll have to learn to embrace my flat hair! In the meantime, I’ll have to check out those anti-humidity shampoos!

  4. It gets humid here in the summer but my hair is so fine and oily it doesn’t impact me much. I love the no-poo product name, it made me laugh out loud.

  5. Humidity is something we all have to deal with here during the summer. Always looking for great products to help out.

  6. I live in the desert so my hair is good. Now when I travel to places that has rain, my hair gets very poofy. I need to try these products.

  7. I need to check out these products. My hair puffs out when there is humidity. Most of the time I just let it go though.

  8. We really have to take care of our hair the same way we took good care of our body. Our hair is our crowning glory, it is the reflection of our identity. Our self-esteem will be greatly affected if we had bad hair day and we had to admit it.

  9. I get the frizzies when the humidity gets high. I could use some good styling products like you have mentioned here to help keep my hair in order.

  10. I live in Florida and my hair get’s so frizzy. One of my favorite things to do is wear hats, they are a great solution for bad hair days. 🙂

  11. Humidity is the worst! I grew up in Hawaii, so I know ALL about humidity…

  12. my daughter has natural hair that is blown out regularly but then those in between weeks she need to hold it togther. I will have to try the Deva products for her. And she for whatever reason has discovered the up do on her own. I will go in search of the Moroccan Surfpaste and let you know if I find it.

  13. Lol, I’ve never heard of the term “spare hair” before, too funny. As a Wisconsin native, I know all about the humidity off of Lake Michigan in the summer!

  14. I moved to a humid climate and had my hair cut. I should have just found some good hair products, lol.

  15. Oooh girl, I love me some Shae Moisture! I use their soaps and they are absolutely the BEST! They also last forever!

  16. My hair grows a mind of its own when the weather is humid. My quick fix is to tie my hair in a ponytail or a bun. However, I am still thankful that there are products like these you featured here that help save us on bad hair days

  17. My mum went to Hong Kong last year and she was unprepared on the humidity. She said her (which is normally curly) went flat and completely dropped. I should show her this – those she said she never want to travel again!

  18. I usually just pull my hair back when it’s all sorts of crazy. Sometimes, though, I want to leave it down, so I’ll use a good leave in conditioner and maybe flat-iron it a bit.. When I’m just hanging out at home or only running to the grocery story, I just embrace it.

  19. I’ve always struggled with my curls, it wasn’t until recently that I learned to tame them, so to speak. A really good leave-in conditioner or mask, and you’re all set to go. I’ve never tried the Deva Curls, but have been recommended before.

  20. Shea Moisture is my best friend and one of the products I use almost on a daily basis. Really saves my life. I do love scarves as well. Pretty good to use on days like those you described.

  21. These are really great tips! Good styling products are a must for those bad hair days. I usually put my hair up when the bad hair day strikes.

  22. Rebecca Swenor says: Reply

    These are all great hair tips for dealing with the humidity. I usually just put my hair up in a ponytail or a bun. Love the video and sometimes we do have to say heck with it. Thanks for sharing the tips.

  23. I always go on scarves and hats whenever I have the bad hair days. I am still looking for some good to use products and i’m glad i head on your site. I’ll check the products out and try it to know if it will suit my hair. Thanks!

  24. These sound like great anti-huidity products!! I need to try some of these…my hair is a big puff ball when it gets humid outside, ugh.

  25. I have very frizzy and thick hair without any humidity. A few of these tricks save me, although I just snapped a hair thing in half today, which is a hazard of having unruly hair!

  26. When I lived in Florida, I battled frizzy hair all the time. What worked best for me was rubbing a dab of body lotion between my hands, then gently smoothing it over my hair. It worked great! I just had to be careful not to put too much, or my hair would look greasy.

  27. I don’t really mind when this happens, but it can be a real drag. I just usually put my hair up in a bun or try to braid it! I think these are great ideas.

  28. My hair just soaks up all the humidity! Hats are definitely my friend on those occasions!

  29. Really have a hard time with my hair in humid temperatures. Thanks for these tips!

  30. I’ve tried this brand, so good! Love the quality! I love Shea butter!

  31. I agree, the best way is to use scarf or baseball cap! First time to hear about anti-humidity hair products and they sound interesting. Thanks for sharing!

    Mhaan |

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