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Ford never ceases to amaze me! I just love how involved with the community! When I heard about the Ford DSFL a few years back, I just knew I had to participate. NOPE! I am definitely NOT a teen, but I AM all about automobiles and driver safety. Furthermore, since I was going to be writing about the course I wanted to experience it first hand, and I am so happy that I did!

For those of you who are not aware, Ford DSFL (Driving Skills for Life), is a free, hands-on training clinics provide the ultimate form of training for young drivers who hold a permit or a license. These half-day clinics provide skills beyond those taught in traditional driver education courses and are an important step in the life-long process of learning to drive safely.  These situations present the most problems for new drivers and contribute to more than 60 percent of teen crashes – the number-1 cause of death for American teenagers

Government statistics show that traffic crashes are the leading cause of death for American teenagers between 15 and 19 years old. Europe and much of the world report a similar experience. To help reduce these tragedies, Ford Driving Skills for Life has been rolled out in 29 countries to strengthen essential skills in the areas shown to be the major contributors to crashes involving novice drivers.

Keep reading to learn what your teen will learn during this course.


Vehicle Handling

This activity is great for learning how to recover your car if losing control in heavy rain or snow. The teens drove really fast in an oval while caster wheels under the car slightly lifted the rear of the vehicle and reduced the tire’s grip. This caused the back of the car to slide when least expected, and in return the driver had to regain control of the vehicle.

Hazard Recognition

The course teaches the teens how to scan for trouble approaching intersections and safety zones.



Speed Management and Space Management

They will also learn how to adjust speed to maintain space around, ahead and behind a vehicle, and how to avoid being rear-ended.


Distraction and Impaired Operation 

The Impaired Operation is a breeze before actually putting on the Fatal Vision Simulation Goggles. These goggles are “a hands-on prevention tool that allows people to experience with a sober mind what it’s like to be under the influence of alcohol.” Once they are on the struggled to maintain our equilibrium, balance, and reaction time is REAL. To be perfectly honest this was an eye-opening and tough experience! Performing the exercises with and without the preventive tool really changes your perspective on driving under ANY influence!!!!!  #justsayno!!!!

To be perfectly honest, most of us has been in the the driver seat attempting to text, make a call, apply makeup, eat, change a CD etc. etc. As we are all aware, the most dangerous is that darn cell phone. What is it about that little device that we won’t put it down to LITERALLY save our lives???? We all know the consequences, but yet and STILL most won’t and don’t keep it out of sight and mind until destinations are reached.
All participants went from excellent driving without the device in hand to weaving in and out of the double lines. When I took the course a few years back, I almost turned left when the sign clearly said to turn right while trying to take a picture! But I am sure you ALL can understand! I couldn’t miss an opportunity to take a pic of this really awesome mustang so that I could blast it on social media and get tons of likes!!!! #putthephonedown!!!!



It Can Happen To You!

Although “It Can Happen To You” is not listed as one of the Ford DSFL exercises, it is probably one of the most important lessons learned during this event. While growing up there were several times I felt invinceable not only behind the wheel of a car but throughout life. It was brilliant of Ford to create this course and actually put the teens in the four situations listed above so then can actually experience the affects of what could go wrong, without actually reaping the consequences.

I remember when I took the course a few years back, after we completed the Distraction and Impaired portion, I heard one of the teens say, “Wow! That was way more difficult and intense than I ever expected! I guess it can happen to me!” Yes sir, it can!

If given the opportunity, I would recommend Ford DSFL be taken by EVERYONE, not only teens and high risk drivers!!!! As time goes on we all need to brush up on our driving skills. Trust me this is true damage control! You will get a first-hand experience of the risks we take every day while out on the road! You will walk away with a different outlook on your daily driving experience as well as life!!!!


ford DSFL

OK Sassy Peeps! Has your teen taken the Ford DSFL Course? If not, you should totally sign them up the next time they are in your city!

Big thanks to Ford Motor Company for this awesome and interactive course and to my Blogger Sister Lucy Valdez from @crueltyfreelucy for covering this event! You totally ROCK!

Photos provided by Ford Motor Company and Lucy Valdez

For more information about Ford Driving Skills For Life click HERE.

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  1. This sounds a good course for teens. These details will surely help readers.

  2. robin masshole mommy says: Reply

    That sounds like a great course. My oldest will be driving before I know it….

  3. That sounds like a great course and a great way to help teach the kids to drive well. I’d love to have my kids take this.

  4. My God, if this had only been around when my daughter was learning to drive. She was terrifying. Absolutely terrifying.

  5. Ford DSFL Course seems like a great experience. I got to see where they are headed next!

  6. I want the yellow one. It is fierce and beautiful. What a great whip to get my heavy foot in position to cruise on down the road.

  7. This would be perfect for my teen. He turned 16 last month and I feel like he needs more practice. He did take drivers ed…but I feel this course would be even better!

  8. i should recommend this to my brother, cousin, and uncles who is really teririble at driving! lol. very helpful tips!

  9. I would love for my son to take the course. He is about to get his drivers license and I want him to understand the consequences of distracted driving.

  10. My son isn’t a teenager yet, but he’ll be one in a few years. I’d love for him to take this type of course to help him learn how to drive well.

  11. I would love my daughter to take advantage of this course. She is such a timid driver.

  12. I’d like to try this out and I’m not a teen… I’d want to do just the handling and maneuvering part, I know all the safe things, like distracting and I don’t drink alcohol soooo don’t need that… BUT I love that there’s a free course like this to teach young teen drivers!

  13. Sounds like this is the most perfect course for me to take! I will have to figure out where it’s at in my area to check it out – thank you for sharing your experiences!

  14. This course is great! Learning on different cars is so important for new drivers. What a great experience.

  15. Victoria Heckstall says: Reply

    Not only for the teen! this should be recommend for all the relatives of mine who drives like hell! lol., very interesting!

  16. I think this is genius, and not just for teens. It should be mandatory every ten or so years…

  17. I think everyone should revisit their driving skills every so often to improve! We live in a very busy area with a lot of traffic and sometimes people need to remember the rules of the road.

  18. This sounds like a great way to help teens be better drivers. I’ll have to pass the info along to friends.

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