Wilton Manors

Hello Sassy Peeps!

A fews weeks back my girl Cruelty Free and I met up at our POTM (pick of the month) located in Wilton Manors, FL and had an amazing time! Our purpose for meeting is always the same, but because of our wanderlust the experience is always totally different. Yep! It’s always all about girl time and Blogging agendas, but we make our time together so MUCH MORE than that! I mean why not! Two sassy gals out on the town, doing our thing we would be crazzzyyy not to…Right?

February’s adventure took us to a hidden oasis located in Wilton Manors, FL! If you are ever in the mood for the ultimate unique experience you have to visit. Basically this is an area filled with COOL cafes, CHIC coffee houses, HIP fashion and BOLD art.

Follow along as I talk a little about a few of the places inside this hidden community!

Wilton Manors

Sassy Gals and their cars!

The Alchemist Cafe

As stated in my Valentine’s Day post, Cruelty Free and I were once again, extremely pleased with our POTM (pick of the month)! The Alchemist is a quaint and cozy cafe, located in a chic and rustic artistic community, hidden in the heart of Wilton Manors. Yes! There are a lot of levels, but once you get to your destination it is so worth it! What’s so amazing about this hidden gem, is that it is truly hidden, truly a gem and truly spectacular! Oh and the food is #TODIEFOR!

Wilton Manors

Their avocado sandwich is EVERYTHING x10! (Above photo taken by Cruelty Free Lucy)

Wilton Manors

Voo La Voo Cafe 

This stylish and chic cafe is so pretty and inviting. We didn’t stop in for wine cocktails, but there is always next time. Hint* Hint* Wink* Wink*

Wilton Manors

Wilton Manors

Wilton Manors

The Wander Shop 

OK. The Wander Shop is SIMPLY AMAZING! If you are ever in the mood for a unique and reasonable priced retail therapy then this is the place to visit. The shop is located inside of a Vagabond Airstream. It fit right in with the rest of the artsy decor! I love it’s uniqueness and also that the prices were perfect.

Wilton Manors

Wilton Manors

Wilton Manors

So HAPPY the Vagabond was open for business!

Wilton Manors

Wilton Manors

The Thrill of the hunt!

Sassy Peeps! Have you had the pleasure of visiting Wander Shop located in Wilton Manors, FL? If not, it is my recommendation that you go! You will love it! 

Also if you missed our last adventure just click here ==> Urban Cafe!

Have A Happy Healthy, and Remember to Always…Stay Sassy!


  1. This place is looking happening. I must say you girls enjoy a lot.

  2. robin masshole mommy says: Reply

    What a great space that is. I want to go hang out down there.

  3. Voo La Voo Cafe looks beautiful with those pretty purple flowers and outdoor dining. I would love to stop in for a wine cocktail!

  4. That avocado sandwich looks amazing. This looks like a fun place to visit.

  5. Ooo now I want that avocado sandwich. Yum. This place looks gorgeous.

  6. Voo La Voo Cafe has a spacious surrounding and seems to have a great ambiance. I will definitely visit Wander Shop when I go to Wilton Manors, FL. I love vintage products.

    1. The Vintage Shop (which is the Gallery) is no longer there. We have moved ..

  7. Aww, shucks. Florida is too far away! It seems like there are so many things to see, eat and enjoy in Florida. I have to plan for a side trip to those places when we go to Disney later this year.

  8. What great finds! The food looks amazing. I will have to plan a trip here.

  9. Wow what a beautiful city to visit! I have never been to Florida but the day I go I am going to Wilton Manors!

  10. Karlyn Cruz says: Reply

    It is always great to explore new things with a best buddy. I believe you enjoyed your trip 🙂

  11. Looks like a fabulous place to visit. Love the scenery and everything to do.

  12. That avocado sandwich looks AH-MAZING! Those flowers are gorgeous too!

  13. Haven’t been to Florida before but Wander shop looks like a great place to shop for vintage stuff. I’ll add this together to my travel list for my trip to Florida someday. I want a bite of that awesome avocado sandwich, pls!

  14. I haven’t been there, I wish I could. lol. Your trip looks amazing! It is more enjoyable because you are with a friend 🙂

  15. I love the artwork and the vintage stalls (makretplace) – I would love to visit one day. xx

  16. I have never been to Wilton! It looks like a great place to visit! I was just in Fort Myers though!

  17. This is one big page of awesome! We don’t live too far from Florida, and we go there quite a bit. I’m bookmarking this.

  18. Alchemist Cafe looks absolutely amazing! I LOVE that atmosphere. It’s so laid back.

  19. Oh my goodness, there’s no where around here that’s this pretty. What a fun time and that’s one cute portrait.

  20. Claudia Krusch says: Reply

    The Wander Shop would be my first stop. I love to look for a great deal. I would love to get away to Wilton Manors, FL for a nice relaxing weekend.

  21. Ahh, how I miss Florida! Your post makes me want to go… colorful photos that are inspiring me to take my next trip!

  22. This looks like a great day! Friend, food and shopping!! Heck, yeah!

  23. This is cute, so much personality. I love the bold colors, I would have a full on photo shoot.

  24. Ann Bacciaglia says: Reply

    I have heard great things about The Alchemist cafe before. I would love to try these places. The food looks so delicious.

  25. Elizabeth O. says: Reply

    It’s always nice to see off beat places in popular tourist destinations such as Florida! This looks like a cool place to spend the afternoon in! I love the different shops that are in it.

  26. What a cute place! I love all the bright colors!!

  27. This looks like a fun place to visit. I am always interested in seeing different parts of the world.

  28. That looks like a really nice place to visit. The photos are beautiful! Even the food looks delicious!

  29. These look like the perfect places to eat, ESPECIALLY for girl time! Hollaaa!! MY friend and I have been planning a trip that way. These are on our radar.

  30. That open-faced avocado sandwich looks amazing! I’ll have to add the Wilton Manors area to my list the next time I’m in the Fort Lauderdale area.

  31. The avocado sandwich looks so good. Avocado is one of my favorites too.

    I love the dress on you too.

  32. So many fun places to venture in! I am a big vintage shopper so the vintage shop would be my first stop. The restaurants would be nice after all the shopping!

  33. This place looks beautiful and that food looks amazing! I will have to stop by there whenever I visit Flordia.

  34. Taty Pradilla says: Reply

    This isn’t to far from me. I am going to have to plan a little weekend trip to check it out.

  35. That avocado sandwich looks amazing. And I’d love to shop at the vintage shop!

  36. I like the look of that place, next time I’m in FL I’ll have to visit there and try some of their amazing food! Your pictures make me miss the warm weather, as it’s another cold day in MN!

  37. Those places are beautiful! And that avocado sandwich is making me drool. 🙂 I would love to visit those places soon!

  38. My Teen Guide says: Reply

    What a heaven place! I love exploring place with my husband and this the perfect spot.

  39. Victoria Heckstall says: Reply

    This is really beautiful and unique place! I’m glad that you enjoyed your trip, I’ll make sure to bring my buddy here soon

  40. What a beautiful place, looks like a a relaxing one to eat some delicious food.. I love your outfit by the way.

  41. HOW FUN! I love these cute little slices of heaven where you can take a time out from reality and have a little fun. This would be great to share with my sisters. Love it!

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