Lace Choker

Hello Sassy Peeps!

I don’t know if you know this about me, but I am a huggeee 90’s fan! That era was EVERYTHING to me! I not only love the music, but I also the fashion. That’s why as soon as I saw this lovely black lace choker I am wearing here today, I knew I had to have it.

I love this piece. It totally reminds me of home, Michigan. I was so young and carefree when I purchased my first lace choker. I simply adored it and wore it every day. When I say everyday, I literally mean EVERY DAY! Until it couldn’t take it any longer and broke. When it broke my heart broke as well. I used to always feel so cute while sporting the piece! However, as I sit here and think about it, I definitely got MORE than my money’s worth. Which brings me to the moment when I saw this little beauty waiting for me on the 7 Charming Sisters website. It not only reminds me of my younger years, but at this stage in my live I can do so many cool things with this piece that I couldn’t as a child!

Check out what I mean below…..

Lace Choker

The Romantic 

I simply love the lace look! It feels softer and more romantic than some of the other chokers I have seen online. Although on the softer side don’t let the smooth taste fool you! It still makes one heck of a statement and adds tons of pizzazz to your OOTD.

Sexy Vamp

I am wearing leggings here, but I generally like to spice up a jean look with chokers. During the cooler months I will pair this choker with a leather jacket, stilettos and dark vampy lipstick to take my look in an entirely different direction. #Sexy #Sassy!

Let’s Layer

Additionally, you can also switch things up a bit by easily be combining it with other jewelry pieces, such as longer necklaces to highlight your neck.

Lace Choker

Lace Choker


Lace Choker


Lace Choker

// What I Wore //
Blouse –  Palm Beach Outlets (Dress For Success) | Leggings – Ross | Choker – 7 Charming Sisters | Watch– Aibi | Booties – DSW

Lace Choker

So Sassy Peeps! A have a few questions for you! What was one of your fave pieces while growing up? Also, what are your thoughts on lace chokers? Have you rocked a few in your day? Inquiring minds want to know?

Have A Happy Healthy, and Remember to Always…Stay Sassy!

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  1. OMG, that lace choker is PERFECTION. Suits you so well too. I don’t know if I have a long enough neck to pull it off but, you rock it.

  2. I think lace chokers are just about the sassiest, sexiest accessory we can wear. I LOVE that look.

  3. GORGEOUS photos! I love that yours is actually fabric and not plastic. I am not too into the plastic ones. This is such a pretty location for photos too!

  4. This one is so pretty! My daughter started wearing them recently and I have always liked them!

  5. That lace choker is beautiful on you! Also I love how you have put all of your outfits together so nicely. My daughter has one she wears quite often, but I have never tried them. I think because my neck is sensitive to ‘things’ around it, but maybe this wouldn’t be so bad since it is lace.
    (my wife wrote this for me as I wasn’t sure what to say about a lace choker.)

  6. 90s is my favorite era!!!!

  7. Totally love the fact that the lace choker is back on trend. You pull it off really well!

  8. I just love how everything that was in style when I was young is coming back again. I guess I should have held onto all of my chokers and other 90s accessories!

  9. I like the lace choker & 90s style is always fab.

  10. My Teen Guide says: Reply

    I do love wearing choker, it’s fashionable and unique! I also love your lace choker that’s pretty!

  11. I love the choker on you, it looks great! I didn’t get a chance to wear the choker the first time around, but have a couple now and I love the look of them.

  12. This lace choker looks nice. It compliments your personality.

  13. I also loved the 90s too. The black choker is very cute and looks great with the white shirt.

  14. I loved the 90s too. It was a great era of music, but i was never fond of the chokers. This lace one looks beautiful though!

  15. Love the outfit and the choker! I’ve never had a lace choker. Hmm, now you just made me want to get one. 🙂

  16. You look fabulous and chic. I love the whole outfit. Gotta love those lace chokers. I have a few of them. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Some trends should not come back and most of the 90’s should just stay buried…LOL! I do like this lace choker though!

  18. Heck yes, bring back the 90’s! I still have my old lace chockers! You look amazing in it, too. Is it wrong that I’m so happy they’re back ‘in’???

  19. Love this look on you! I love that chokers are back – they’re so trendy and fun! They can be so versatile too. Love this!!

  20. I was all over the choker back then! I never wore the lace ones though and I always added a pendant to mine, usually a huge cross! I haven’t worn one in ages, I have a bling blingy one that is perfect for a little black dress/cocktail party!

  21. According to a Western European student at the University of Washington, the choker-necklace trend in the U.S. is cultural appropriation, and girls should learn the history of the necklaces before wearing them.

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