Brazilian butt lift

Nowadays, scientific findings, tech improvements, and trends coming from the beauty industry brought so many new possibilities which have changed the beauty standards as well. Numerous beauty procedures are no longer reserved for celebrities and rich people only – now they’re available to everyone, so now anyone can change a thing or two they don’t like about themselves. This, however, easily slips out of control and goes to extremes, so addiction to cosmetic surgeries or makeup hoarding becomes a real problem in today’s society. That’s why finding that reasonable fine line between extreme beauty procedure and moderate corrective ones is so important.

Makeup Routines

Brazilian butt lift

Face being the first thing people notice about you, beauty ideals regarding the face are getting more and more uniform. Go ahead and browse through your Instagram feed for a couple of minutes and see for yourself – makeup routines of millions of women have become so similar that they all started to look the same. Under the influence of Kardashian/Jenner family, eyebrows must be dark and strongly defined while a face must be contoured to the extent that it almost hides away its real shape.

It’s important to know the difference between day and night makeup but also to remember the makeup’s primary role – to enhance your best features and not to completely change your physical appearance. This could be bad for your self-esteem, too – constantly hiding your real face under a mask can make you insecure and forget your true beauty.

Under the Knife

Brazilian butt lift

Plastic surgeries are also more affordable than ever and now you can literally upgrade any body part you’re dissatisfied with. From standard procedures that can fix birth deformities to Brazilian butt lifts and eyelids blepharoplasty – now you can alter your body to look just the way you always wanted.

That’s fine – when you get to the certain age or have a baby, gravity is no longer a friend of your breasts, so giving them some support is a reasonable choice. Besides, breast lift cost is not high – sometimes it’s even partially covered by your private health insurance. What’s important is that you find a reliable surgeon that you can trust completely. Be careful not to fall into the trap and become addicted to altering your body – we’ve all seen pictures of various celebrities who went overboard with the surgeries and then regretted it.

Brazilian Butt Lift – Pros and Cons

One of the most popular procedures among celebrities is Brazilian but lifts. This kind of procedure uses person’s own fat (the most often from stomach, hips and weights). to enhance the shape and size of one’s buttocks. Liposuction and getting curves in one – sounds like a perfect symbiosis. Also, since this kind of procedure uses natural fat, it is considered healthier. However, you should have in mind that this is an unnatural way of changing your body features. Also, the healing process often lasts 4 to 6 weeks which includes about 3 weeks of avoiding to sit.

Obsessed with Being Fit

Brazilian butt lift

It goes without saying that regular workouts and a healthy diet can only be beneficial to your health and overall quality of life. But what happens when it becomes an obsession? Social media is full of gym selfies, athleisure outfits, and pictures of healthy smoothies, but it’s easy to forget about the reasonable proportion of physical activities and overdo it. Counting every calorie and exhausting yourself every day at the gym is the exact opposite of healthy, so make sure you keep it balanced.

Give yourself some slack and remember that cheat days are more than welcome, at least for the sake of your mental health. Take it easy – it’s possible to be fit without starving yourself and getting too skinny. If you’re going exercise a lot, then your diet has to be good, too. So, don’t exhaust your body and get the results you always wanted.

Altering yourself with beauty procedures is fine as long as you keep it moderate and keep your individuality. After all, it’s your body, so the decision is completely yours, but it needs to be taken seriously. Some procedures can be dangerous to your health or leave you with many regrets, so don’t take this for granted. Know the facts and be aware of the consequences – that’s the only way to be sure you’re making the right decision.

So Sassy Peeps! What are your thoughts on beauty procedures? What you ever went under the knife to enhance an area of the body that you were not pleased with, such as a Brazilian butt lift and eyelids blepharoplasty? Inquiring minds want to know?

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(This article represents a collaboration with Claire Hastings)

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