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Hey Sassy Peeps!

A few ways I am working to lead a healthier lifestyle is by eating better, going to my fitness club regularly and incorporating edible beauty oils into my daily routine. Although I fall off the wagon at least once a week, I am a lot further along physically and mentally than when I first started. #LifeChanging!

Keep reading to find out 5 ways the Fitness Club helped to changed my life!

Fitness Club

Stress Be Gone

Whenever I go to the gym on a regular basis my days are a lot LESS stressful. Yes, I still have days where I get annoyed, depressed and/or so mad that I want to punch/kick someone, but I don’t see them as often when I am super active.

What I have found helpful is when I am feeling this way, instead of sitting there FUMING or WALLOWING in self pity I head to the gym as soon as possible. Once I get there I take all of that bad energy out on a machine. These are the days I get my best workouts and once I am done, boy do I feel better!

Strength Training 

I am the CARDIO QUEEN andddd because of this, strength training has never been one of my strengths. Get it…LOL! Yeah I know corny right?!??! Anywho..This was all fine and dandy for years, but now that I am older I am seeing dimples in places that I had no idea dimples could appear. #EEEKKKK!

This my friends is going to be and has been my TOUGHEST challenge yet! I love cardio because I can turn on my FAVE music/TV show, climb on a machine and before I know it 45 minutes to an hour has passed. #CardioQueen! Which is NOT cool! Strength training is SUPER important, because it helps to tone your body and you burn calories when you are NOT even active!

Fitness Club


Most fitness clubs have their own personal fitness trainers! I love the YouCoach personal trainers at my gym. They are really friendly and available at all Youfit fitness clubs. Which is totally awesome, because if you have questions about fitness assessments, need assistance understanding how a machine works etc. etc., they are there to assist.


I know walking into a fitness club can be kind of intimidating, especially when you are not feeling your SEXIEST and when over half of the members look like they belong on reality TV. Well while you work to transition your body, try transitioning your thinking as well and turn those feelings into MOTIVATION! These types of things help me stay focused and it let’s me know that if I work really hard I could reach my body goals as well.

Also, what I have observed is that most of the time nobody’s paying you any attention anyway. If you don’t believe me try this ==> After you have walked the GREEN MILE and made it to your workout area, take a deep breathe and look around. You WILL notice that MOST of the time everyone is looking at their OWN reflection and not YOU! #RealTalk! #HELLOOOO!

So if that’s what’s stopping you, PUT YOUR BIG GIRL PANTIES ON and handle it!


I feel a lot better about myself when I workout regularly. My clothes fit better, I look better and yep, the CONFIDENCE differently shows!

Fitness Club

To sum it ALL up! I am feeling confident, motivated, supported, less stressed and working to lose more weight/ get toned. YEP! A TOTAL LIFE CHANGER! #Transformation!

So Sassy Peeps! What are your fitness/lifestyle goals? What are some of your challenges? Are you a member of a Fitness Club/Center? Inquiring minds want to know?

Have A Happy Healthy, and Remember to Always…
Stay Sassy!

6 Replies to “5 WAYS THE Fitness Club CHANGED MY LIFE”

  1. I just have a bloated tummy that I have to reduce anyhow. But I am too lazy to stay motivated for exercise.

    1. Hi Sandy,
      I also lacked the motivation to lose weight back then but I did it.
      This is a resource( https://blogcombi.com/weight-loss-motivation-7-unique-ways-to-get-you-started/) that might help you find the motivation for exercise.
      Believe you can!

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  5. Nice post, I am motivated to do a workout when I saw my friends in a good shape. Somehow I can find a ways even at my home.

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