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It comes to no surprise that coffee has its fans spread all over the globe. Why won’t someone like the strong, instant current of energy you get from a freshly brewed cup of coffee or espresso. While no one seems to start their day without this holy grail, the fun fact is that coffee tends to have many benefits as far as the human body is concerned. Aside from the magical power of waking you up even after a terrible sleepless night, here are some more reasons which will make you fall in love with espresso:

Better Memory

While espresso can stimulate the human mind and retain attention for longer spans, two espressos can actually improve your long-term memory. You stay awake and vigilant which causes your cognitive power to boost. Regular consumption can drastically raise the bar and help you be less fatigued and be more active mentally, which all points to a good memory in the longer run.

Stronger Brain

Neurologically speaking, coffee has exhibited some great effects. Since it improves your cognitive functions, it has known to be a contender against memory-loss diseases like Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Along with this, Parkinson’s disease is one more disorder that has been observed to not exist in people who consume coffee. However, in case of Parkinson’s, decaf coffee does not work well since it is the caffeine that kicks this disorder in the gut.


Weight Loss

One major reason espresso has a strong reputation in the market is because it is seriously low in the calorie count department. A normal cup of espresso contains 3 calories per ounce, which makes it an ideal beverage for those who are trying to maintain or lose some extra weight. Along with this, coffee gives you the “full” feeling that makes you consume in lesser food. With some good weights in the gym and espresso on your menu, you can surely shed a few pounds.

weight loss

Good for the Heart

With all the attachment and love, coffee also does impact your heart- in a good way. A Swedish study confirmed that one cup of coffee a day can actually keep the stroke away. That is because coffee is a naturally occurring anti-oxidant and it helps in keeping the heart valves clear and open.

Reduces Risk of Diabetes

Whether it is decaffeinated coffee you are talking about, or caffeinated, coffee has proven as a strong fighter against type 2 diabetes. For every cup of coffee you consume, you slash the chances of developing diabetes by 7% (unless you are adding way too much sugar in your coffee).

reduce diabetes risk

Liver Protection

The one organ that absorbs in the toxins needs some extra help. And that help comes from none other than coffee. Coffee helps the liver enzymes multiply which makes the liver better and stronger. Be it caffeinated or decaffeinated, three or more cups a day will actually help your liver clean out the toxins while detoxifying your body and increasing your metabolic rate.

With these advantages one should definitely understand the true value of coffee and have a cup now.

Sassy Peeps! I am a coffee girl. Which do you prefer coffee or espresso? Did you know there were so many benefits to drinking both?

Have A Happy Healthy, and Remember to Always…Stay Sassy!


  1. Coffee is my favorite! Love that it is finally losing it’s bad reputation.

    1. Dawn Gibson says: Reply

      I love it too Jennifer! I totally agree with you. There are def bennies to drinking it

  2. I didn’t realize that espresso could actually help you lose weight. It makes sense that it could help you feel more full without packing on calories. I am trying to find foods to help me lose more weight. I will have to give espresso a try and see if it helps me!

    1. Dawn Gibson says: Reply

      Thanks Ernest for the awesome reply! We would love to hear that outcome. Thanks so much!

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