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Tires are one of the most important parts of a car, but it is also the most neglected. The life of the car depend a lot on  your tires. So, ample attention should be given to the signs when tire replacement is needed.

One should keep in mind that

  1. A spare tire older than 6 years should never be used during emergencies
  2. A spare tires should be replaced every 10 years.
  3. Also, there are treadwear indicator bars moulded into the tread grooves at regular intervals around the tire which indicate when a tire is worn to its limit of safety.

Keep reading for a list of signs that your tires need replacing:


Threads are a NECESSARY safety measure in a tire. They are to:

  1. Improve traction
  2. Avoid sliding when turning,
  3. Hydroplaning on wet roads and slush-planing when snowing. NOTE: If you live where it snows please look into purchasing snow tires during the winter months.

I am from Michigan and I currently live in South Florida, so I have experienced both. Trust me when I tell you that hydroplaning or slush-planing are no fun. Not having control of a 6000 or heavier machine is NO FUN! It is actually very scary!!!! This is why tire replacement is critical!

When the tires are down to 1/16th of an inch, it is time to get new tires.


If your tires are overheating, it is because they need to be replaced. As tires wear down, there is less space for the air to flow between the grooves of the tread to cool them down and this leads to the overheating and that degrades the tire rubber faster. Excessive heat could even lead them BURSTING. Can you imagine being on the freeway and this happening. EEKKK!


A thick tire tread protects the tire from causing a puncture. If tires are worn out they are prone to get punctured more often.  So if you are noticing that your tire(s) are getting punctured to often it could because it’s time for new tires. NOTE: If your tires has sidewall or treads punctures larger than 0.64cm, you cannot repair any punctures as large as that. It would be advisable to get a new tires instead.

tire replacement

Loss of Pressure

Frequent loss of pressure due to air leakage could also be the result of worn out tires. Believe it or not, loss of air leads to under inflation and that in turn is the cause for low fuel economy. It is beneficial and profitable in the long run to replace the tires in such cases as it would cut down a lot of fuel consumption.

Straight line or Not

If your car doesn’t drive in a straight line even after it has been aligned, could be due to the worn out tires. However, failure to drive in a straight line can also be caused if the axle is damaged. So it is advisable to get your car thoroughly checked by an authorized dealership or a trusted mechanic.


If your tire(s) are flat due to a blowout, you have no choice other than replacing the tire.

Legal Requirements

Replacing worn out tires is a matter of common sense to assure your own safety, but there are also legal requirements to replace worn tires. This is something that I just learned, but keep in mind the legal requirements of tires as mentioned in the insurance.

Additionally, taking proper care of the tyres to improve a tire’s lifespan is so VERY IMPORTANT. One must also keep in mind that the rear tires get worn out at a faster rate than the front tires. So, if the tires are rotated after every 500 miles, all the tires get worn out together. Apart from these points, keep a 5-year margin for tires replacement and never use any tires more than 10 years from the date of manufacture.

So Sassy Peeps!  Tire replacement is so very important. How often do you replace your tires? And is tire replacement as important to you as it should be? Inquiring minds want to know?

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