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Hello Sassy Peeps!

I simply love a good workout! I always feel nice and refreshed afterwards. Although I have to admit, until recently, I always thought you go to the gym, work out and go home. Sorry no! Fitness is so much more than that!

This is why I have started taking essential post workout steps that not only help me to get the weight off, but keep it off the healthy and smart way. Keep reading to see what they are!


Although this is not one of my faves, I have learned that stretching is an essential part of your everyday work out, and it should be done before and post your fitness routine. Many trainers advise that you go right from the cool-down phase into stretching. If you are anything like me, once you get to the gym you just want to jump into cardio or weights without stretching. Take it from a chronic non-stretcher that not stretching is offensive to all workout gurus. Stretching helps you build flexibility and mobility, which is very important for not only your workouts, but your everyday life.

Rehydration – Drink water

While growing up my mom would tell my brother and I to drink water everyday. She said it so much I think we were both traumatized. LOL! I always got so annoyed when I’d ask for a sip of Sprite and she would say, “No bae, but you can have a glass of water if you are thirsty.” During that time I swore she was missing the point. Which was, I didn’t want water! I wanted that sweet delicious clear liquid in the green bottle. #Hello!

Now let’s fast forward this thing a bit. I am sooo grateful that she made it a point to push my brother and I toward water and away from the clear liquid in the green bottle. 🙂 She knew that drinking water is not only really good for us, but is part of a healthy lifestyle and helps the body stay hydrated.

post workout #shop #collectivebias


One brand that I really love is Nestlé® Pure Life®. The name Nestle Pure Life totally represents their brand, because it is pure, great-tasting and totally gives me life after a great workout.

Since I workout 3 to 4 times a week, I always make sure I am well stocked with a 35 pack. It is literally the first thing I reach for after I am done. Why? Well, because I love the taste and rehydration may be the most important element of any post-workout routine. Additionally, the consumer (you and I) receives a great value by getting 3 more bottles for the same price as the old 32 pack!

This works for me, because If you know me you know I love a deal, getting the 3 extra bottles at the same price makes me happy. Although there is one other thing to get excited about as well. I just found out that Pure Life is re-launching in mid-May and will have new packaging. I am so looking forward to seeing their refreshed packaging. It should be great!

Just an fyi….Before you head to your computer to order the 35 pack, it is only available in stores. The 24-pack is available for purchase online ONLY. Which I totally don’t mind, because it just gives me an excuse to head over to Walmart and buy other needed and not so needed products. 🙂

Post Workout #Shop #CollectiveBias


Power of Protein

After an intense workout, you not only need to rehydrate with delicious and thirst quenching water, such as pure life, but you also need sustenance. Yep, you guessed it…your body needs protein. I personally love a delicious protein shake. They are not only delicious, but they help to kick-off the muscle rebuilding process. If you are not into shakes, you can try foods like low-fat cottage cheese, chicken, greek yogurt etc. etc.

Track Progress


Tracking my progress is a great way for me to stay on top of my fitness routine and diet regimen. I have noticed that taking this extra step makes me more accountable. It also let’s me know where and when I need to make adjustments.

The key is to just make sure you are improving and what better way to do that then to track your progress. I know it can be a bummer sometimes, but it will definitely pay off in the long run.

The awesome thing is that there are tons of apps for smartphones, as well as devices like FitBit, the Apple Watch, and other smart watches that can make things much easier….And hey, if you prefer to do it the old school way and use pen and paper, more power to you. This is your journey so it’s all about you and your level of comfort.

Shower and Change


After a major workout, a nice hot shower is EVERYTHING. It is not only proper hygiene, but it makes you feel really good. To add the icing on the cake, throw on something really comfy and cute and go about your day! Trust me when I say you will not only feel fab, but you will smell fab as well!

Relax – Have a Zen Moment


After I shower I love to relax by lighting a scented candle and listening to my favorite playlist. I know, I know! Sometimes that is just not possible, but when life gives you those special moments, don’t question them, just enjoy!

Pat Yourself on the Back

Take it from a person who is always really hard on herself. Make sure you give yourself a pat on the back after every workout. TRUST and believe getting to the gym 3 to 4 times a week is nothing to be taken lightly. If you feel like you could be or should be doing more, and you are getting their consistently you are doing GREAT! Even when you FALL OFF…as we all do, just know that you are not alone! I am probably the poster child for falling off by heading to Walmart to grab those 4 packs of cupcakes with the extra frosting. Yep! You know the ones! LOL!

However, it is important that once you fall you get back up. My suggestion is when and if you do, try to get back up and brush your shoulders off sooner than later. If it takes you three days the first time, try to make it two the next. One time I fell so hard it took me a month and 2 days to get back on track. I was totally embarrassed, but I knew it was something that I needed to do for myself and walked right back in the gym with my head held high and fell right back into my normal routine.



To learn more about Nestle Pure Life and to sign up for promotions, offers and more visit Nestlepurelife.com.
NOTE: If the 35-pack of Nestle Pure Life is not available in your local Walmart, please ask a store manager about getting the product in your area. They will be happy to assist.

So Sassy Peeps! What essential things do you do post workout? Do you ensure you stretch and hydrate? Inquiring minds would like to know!

Have A Happy Healthy, and Remember to Always…
Stay Sassy!


  1. I always like to stock up on water and keep it on hand. I just never know when I am going to need it, and we have a large family that needs lots of water! #client

    1. Dawn Gibson says: Reply

      omg yes. i am the same. you can never have too much water.

  2. Great tips! Definitely realistic…thanks for sharing!

    1. Dawn Gibson says: Reply

      Thanks girl! Yes I am trying to keep it realistic so I can stay on track.

  3. Tracy Augustin says: Reply

    great read!

    1. Dawn Gibson says: Reply

      Thank you

  4. So many great ideas! Thanks for the tips. I definitely could use more relaxation 🙂

  5. I stretch after every workout. I also stretch every morning. I feel so much better when I stretch everyday. Water is a huge post workout must, as well!

  6. I just went and stocked up on this water. It’s my fave. I need to use your other tips after my workouts too.

  7. Love the Zen Moment idea for after a workout! Hydration is vital!!! We call water LIFE JUICE in our home! I keep telling my mother to STRETCH! Wish she would listen to me lol.

  8. These are some great tips. Stretching as a warm down is a must for your muscles as well as rehydrating.

  9. I’m horrible at remembering to stretch, but I never forget to hydrate! I love that you mentioned having a Zen moment—-I need more of those!

  10. Claudia Krusch says: Reply

    Stretching is so important before and after a workout. I need to try to drink more water to stay hydrated.

  11. Rebecca Swenor says: Reply

    These are all essential things to do after a workout. Stretching and re-hydrating are the most important things I believe to do after working out. Pure Water is something we have just started buy lately from Walmart. Thanks for sharing the list of post workout essentials.

  12. YES of rehydration!! I drink water all day every day and especially during and after a workout!!

  13. I need to remember to relax and have a zen moment more often. Thanks for the tips!

  14. I just love this!! These are some great tips! I have just started working out again and these are things I am going to make myself do. Thank you!

  15. All of these are great tips. I always stretch and drink water before workouts. It’s great to follow these tips.

  16. I have been trying to get back to regularly working out again. These tips seem small but so important! I often seem to overlook the zen moment but stress is my biggest health problem.

  17. Michelle Waller says: Reply

    These are really great tips. I didn’t know you should stretch after working out. I knew you should before, but not after.

  18. This list is going next to my workout area. I often forget to have some protein.

  19. I am so bad about not stretching when I am done with my workout. That is something I need to remember more often!

  20. Victoria Heckstall says: Reply

    Once all your sets or miles are complete, it’s time to start your after-workout routine. These are so useful!

  21. Great list for what to after a workout. Stretching and protein is especially important to remember for the body. Bit worried that people are forgetting to shower and change after a workout though

  22. Shower and change #1! I also like the tip to stretch and track progress.

  23. These are wonderful tips! Water is a definite must have before and after a workout. I also keep track of my progress with My Fitness Pal.

  24. I don’t workout, but I’ve been wanting to. Hopefully, I get to start soon. Thanks for the tips. Will keep these in mind.

  25. I definitely make sure to re-hydrate. I a have been neglecting my workout routine, but I am going to put it back in full motion next week. I am ready for that post work out zen moment.

  26. I do that ‘zen’ stuff during my shower, I like to light both incense and scented candles and play my favorite Spotify playlist as I have wireless speakers in pretty much every room including the bathroom! 🙂

  27. Do you like the bone induction headphones? I’ve been considering a pair myself but haven’t made the plunge yet.

  28. heck yah to the drinking H2O, I down about 20oz right after… I also agree with the showering after : ) I actually practice all your awesome and essential tips!

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