We’re in the midst of the season of blossoming and awakening, and that means that the days of lying on the beach under the hot sun aren’t far. This year has a lot in store for us when it comes to swimwear. From versatile cut-outs to mixtures of colors and unexpected materials, the swimsuit trends for 2017 will blow your mind and make you wish summer was already here. Here are some top pieces you’ll wear on the waves the following season.

Shift the Focus to the Side


One-piece swimsuits with laced siding are stealing the show this year with their versatility and alluring look. Side seams made of lace are further amplified with halters, deep V-necks or push-ups for a sexy vibe. You can also choose pieces with large bows wrapped over the midsection for extra coverage. One-piece swimsuits with laced siding are perfect if you wish to skip string bikinis, but still reveal enough to make the blood stir. Add some cool shades and you’re bound to make every head turn while you’re strolling down the beach.

The Crop Top Craze


As years go by, we tend to notice that swimwear is becoming more and more similar to everyday fashion outfits and the prominence of crop top swimsuits proves it. Take your pick from a variety of designs – sheer cut-outs, high-neck bikinis, and mini tees accompanied with bold color mixes to truly style up your summer. Possibly the biggest advantage of crop tops is that you’re already dressed up, so you don’t need to change for an evening beach party. Complete your style with an imaginative beach bag that’s large enough to store all your essentials.

Laid-Back Ruffles



The majority of swimsuit trends for 2017 are bringing sexy back, but if you prefer a more innocent look, ruffles are just the thing you need. A triangular top with ruffles around the neck is incredibly flattering, but ruffles on the bottom pieces also show off their charm. Throw over a printed off-the-shoulder playsuit and comfy wedges and you’re ready for a fun summer night.

String Bikinis


Bikinis with strings are a classic and you absolutely must have at least one. Be playful and wear animal prints and vibrant colors. Designers have gone one step further and created pieces with amazing striped bottoms that leave little to the imagination for those willing to try them on. They go incredibly well with light robes, so if you want to try something more daring this summer, this is the look for you.

Think Denim or Velvet



Last year we saw the appearance of denim swimsuits and this year continues to surprise us with the use of new materials. Apart from denim, velvet and crochet are immensely popular and add a breath of fresh air into the swimsuit fashion routine. Lace and leather are also in demand, so no matter which cut you choose, these materials will spice things up.

It’s Majesty- The Onepiece Swimsuit


One-piece swimsuits have been dominating the runways for some time now, and this year’s no exception. The reason for this is that they are incredibly versatile and can create an abundance of styles and designs. Also, they have the ability to make the wearer self-confident by hiding any imperfections they believe to have. So, whether you choose cut outs, high-neck pieces, or a classic design, you won’t go wrong. You can play around with colors and prints and choose rainbow stripes, effective color-blocking or metallic shades or opt for nude tones or all-white pieces. The only thing that’s left is to put on a stylish wide-brimmed hat and the summer can begin.

The summer ahead will be quite innovative and daring when it comes to the choice of swimwear, so pick out the style that suits you best and get ready for sunny days.

So Sassy Peeps! What are some of your fave upcoming swimwear trends? A few of my faves are a sexy onepiece and sassy denim. 

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