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Hello Sassy Peeps!

Since I am at the gym several times a week, it is essential that I keep my workout clothing nice and fresh. Although I have to admit, my thought process may shift a bit after an insane workout, and at that moment in time, what was once really important, doesn’t seem so important. 🙂

Now you could be that insanely lucky gal who has an unlimited amount of clothing, or you could be like me and only have a few pieces. If you are the latter of the two, then there are probably times when you wear your gym clothes more than once before washing. If so, it’s totally understandable! As you have probably guessed, I do it too, but the key is to not be THAT girl when you don’t wash them straight away. What girl? You know the one, the stinky clothes girl.

Keep reading to see the 5 things that keep me from being THAT girl.

gym clothes

Wash Workout Wear Immediately 

gym clothes


gym clothes

After an intense workout the last thing I want to do is toss a load of clothes in the washer, but a little extra effort can go a long way. Make it habit not to leave your gym clothes in the hamper for a week. Doing this will only make the smell worse. If your clothes have an embarrassing odor, this might be the only way to remove that nasty smell.

I know some of you are like, “Yeah, yeah, yeah! I will cross that bridge when I get to it….!” Well, I completely understand. However, try to think of ways to not make it so annoying, like a great smelling detergents. Great smells always give me an extra boost, so I always ensure I have a few bottles of Purex Crystals 12 Weeks of Freshness. OK! Guys, these are a must try!  My faves right now, Purex® Crystals Fresh Spring Waters and Purex® Crystals NEW Botanicals: Cherry Blossom & Ginger.

The Spring Waters totally, freshens your wardrobe with the shimmering light of Fresh Spring Waters to brighten your everyday, and the Cherry Blossom & Ginger “Brings the finishing touch on your laundry with a blend of Cherry Blossom & Ginger. The natural mineral based formula, without dyes and with essential oils, delivers long lasting freshness.” Trust me when I tell you they smell delicious. They provide a great scent at a great price totally making ALL of my laundry days a lot easier!

Wash Workout Wear Separately

gym clothes

gym clothes

In addition to washing your gym clothes immediately, you should wash them separately. Sorry guys! I know life can get really busy and doing an extra load of laundry can be annoying, but it is necessary.

Here’s why…

Yes, the gym is where a lot of us do our most strenuous activities, but your workout clothes should be thought of as your delicates. Washing them with your everyday wear can actually cause them to wear out faster, because they are rubbing against harsh materials, like jeans and items with heavy zippers.

Washing them separately may be a little more time consuming, but it will definitely save you money in the long run.

Separate Sneakers and Gym Clothing

OK. I am so guilty of this and when I do it I am so agitated.

Workout Peeps, always try to put your sneakers in a different bag or a different compartment then your workout gear. This will minimize the spread of odor-causing bacteria. I just purchased a tote that has a few different compartments and it is a lifesaver…or should a say an odor saver. HAHA! I know, I know…that was corny.

Just Say NO to Fabric Softener

Attempting to mask odor using products like fabric softener is a really bad idea. Fabric softener smells great, until you try masking the odor of smelly gym clothes. Doing this only locks in the odor and makes it worse. I have been guilty of this one as well, and it never works. You only walk away feeling even more embarrassed than if you had did nothing.

Hang Dry

gym clothes

If you don’t have time to wash your clothes after working out, or all you want to do is take a shower/bath and relax, then try hang drying your gear. This way they will air out nicely. Tossing damp clothes in the hamper or keeping them in your gym bag causes bacteria to grow.

gym clothes

gym clothes

To learn more about Purex Crystals 12 Weeks of Freshness visit the links below:

So Sassy Peeps! What are some ways you keep your gym clothes fresh and clean? Inquiring minds want to know?

Have A Happy Healthy, and Remember to Always…
Stay Sassy!


  1. My husband, sister, and I all go to the gym together AND wash our clothes together, and that odor definitely likes to hang out in the laundry basket if we don’t get to it quickly. Thanks for these tips! #client

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