This product was given to me for testing purposes. However, the thoughts and opinions are my own.

Hi Sassy Peeps!

Hope you are having an awesome week! Mine is going exceptionally well for a few different reasons. One being that I had the pleasure of partnering with Pantene so that I could experience their new Gold Series natural hair products line. I have to admit that I not only love the products. Why? Well the are several reasons, but there are three that absolutely sold me on the series.

Made for the Brown Girls

To be honest, I have always loved Pantene. So when I hear they came out with a line exclusively for girls like me,  it made me love them even more. Although things have been looking up lately in this hair care area for me, sometimes it can be really hard to find products that work for my hair type. I have a 4C hair type which is the kinkiest of the kinky. No! Not kinky in a 50 Shades kinda way, but kinky in the handle me with care at all times or a disaster will happen way.  I think my hair should have a caution before moving forward sign stamped in it. LOL! However, as long as I show it the right amount of delicate love it returns the favor without hesitation.

Moisture, Moisture, Moisture

The full line of the Gold Series includes:  Moisture Boost Shampoo, Moisture Boost Conditioner, Deep Hydrating Co-Wash, Repairing Mask, Leave-On Detangling Milk, Hydrating Butter Créme, Intense Hydrating Oil, and Curl Defining Pudding….And when it says moisture boost and deep hydrating, it means moisture boost and deep hydrating.

As a natural gal, I need the products that I use to provide tons of moisture and the Gold Series totally does just that! #StrongIsBeautiful

Works Well on Wigs

Yep! I am a 4C gal who loves wearing wigs when she wants to give her natural hair a rest. When I first started wearing them I had no idea that you wash them with shampoo, and to my surprise the shampoo that you use makes a difference. Well guess what totally works for mine! Yep! Pantene Gold Series! Once they dry, I shake them out and BAM! Wig back on fleek! 😉

natural hair products #goldseries #StrongIsBeautiful!

natural hair products #goldseries #StrongIsBeautiful!

natural hair products #goldseries #StrongIsBeautiful!

Click >> on this Link to learn more and to shop the Gold Series.

So Sassy Peeps! I love natural hair products that work for my type of hair. What are some of your favorite hair care products? Inquiring minds want to know?

Have A Happy Healthy, and Remember to Always…
Stay Sassy!

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