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Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Sparkling Ice. However, the thoughts and opinions are my own.

Hi Sassy Peeps!

I love a tasty smoothie, especially during the summer! It is so hot in South Florida that anything nice and cool is always an EXTRA bonus. When I moved here 6 years ago I found myself spending a lot of time at different local smoothie shops, until one day I decided to learn how to make my own. I know, I know, me saying learn how to make a smoothie is probably hilarious to you guys, but if you know me, you know that I don’t really prepare or cook anything. However, I figured preparing a fun and flavorful smoothie is not rocket science and guess what, I was right! Now that I have done it several times I feel like an expert when it comes to the art of smoothie making! Yep, I got this!

I have tried making several different kinds, but my faves are always when I add chunks of different fruits, blend them, pour them and then add several garnishes. Although, the ingredient that always gives them that extra fizzy SOMETHING is fruit-flavored Sparkling Ice ZERO calorie drinks.

I not only love the way they taste but I love that they have 15 flavors to choose from and they are ZERO calories! Which is a great way to stay fit even after summer ends. Another thing that I love about this fruity water is that you can purchase them on Amazon Prime. Which I find to be pretty cool!

Keep reading to learn how I make these yummy drinks….

sparkling ice

sparkling ice


Sparkling Ice 1 1/2 cups (You can choose whichever flavor you like. For the particular recipe I used Black Raspberry and Kiwi Strawberry only)

Frozen Bananas – 2 to 4 (NOTE: Peel before freezing)

Frozen Strawberries – 2 Cups

Peaches – 1 Whole Peach

Mango – 1 Whole mango

Blueberries – Garish only

Lemon – Garish only

Note: Fruit can be fresh or frozen AND  you need a blender and straws.


  1. Cut all fruit except garish into chunks
  2. Add bananas, peach, mango, strawberries and Sparkling Ice to blender
  3. Blend for about 2 minutes
  4. Pour into glasses
  5. Add garish of choice. I actually left a pieces/slices of all the fruit to add to drink once blended.

sparkling ice

So Sassy Peeps! What are some of your favorite things to add to a smoothie? Mine is all of the above! #BeNotBland!

Have a Happy Healthy and Always Remember to Always….Stay Sassy

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  1. Sandy says: Reply

    These smoothies look refreshing. Thanks for sharing

  2. Dawn Gibson says: Reply

    Thanks girl! It was. xoxox

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  4. Looks tasty! I’ll have to try this before the weather turns cold.

    1. Dawn Gibson says: Reply

      Thanks Steve. Yes. I hope you try it. Delish

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