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If you are a wine lover, there are 10 places that you MUST visit. They are some of the world’s most renowned wine producing regions in the world and they offer their visitors their favorite wine along with a TOTALLY unique experience. #SignMeUp!

These infamous wine producing regions are not only known for having the best wine, but they are also known for their wine-making traditions, their natural beauty and their AMAZING people and their AMAZING wineries.

Below is a list of the 10 places that EVERY wine lover should visit at least once in their lifetimes.

1. Mendoza, Argentina

Mendoza is the most popular wine producing region in Argentina and offers numerous wine tours. In fact, it accounts for over 75% of the grapes produced in Argentina.

2. Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux is one of France’s most vibrant cities and is also a famous wine producing region. Some of the most popular wine varieties of this region include Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Merlot etc…

3. Napa & Sonoma Valley, USA

The Napa and Sonoma Valleys of California are among the most popular wine countries in the USA. While Napa is the more up market, and happening wine hub, Sonoma is cheaper and is more of a laid back town.

4. Rioja, Spain

Rioja has come to be counted among the most prestigious wine region of the world. Its wines are made from Garnacha and Tempranillo.

5. Burgundy, Italy

If you love Pinot Noir, then you deserve a trip to Burgundy, Italy, which is regarded as the original place of cultivation of Pinot Noirs.

6. Barossa Valley, Australia

Barossa is not only famous for its amazing wines, but also its culinary scene and its colorful culture. The serenity of the region is interrupted with lively festivals, spirited celebrations, bustling markets and amazing music.

7. Tuscany, Italy

When you think of wines in Italy, you think of Tuscany. It is inseparable from Italy’s wine persona. It is also the most famous for its signature wines like Chianti, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano and Brunello di Montalcino.

8. Casablanca, Chile

White wine lovers would surely find Casablanca in Chile amazing. Casablanca is famous for its chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignons.

9. Alentejo, Portugal

This Portuguese wine producing region produces some of the best wines in the world that excel taste, color and aroma.

10. Willamette Valley, Oregon, USA

Last but not least is another well known wine producing region of the USA. It is not only famous for its Pinot Noirs, but it is also known for a host of other wine varieties that include Pinot Gris, Gewürztraminer, Riesling etc…

The list I have laid out above are for some of the major wine producing regions of the world. To learn more about these regions, take a closer look at the Gifographic shared by Tango.Tours

best wine

So Sassy Peeps, are you a wine lover? If so, what is some of the best wine or wines you have ever tasted? Additionally, have you ever been to any of the wine producing regions listed above? Inquiring minds want to know. 

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