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“This post is sponsored by Always Discreet; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.“

Hello Sassy Peeps,

Can you imagine being a sexy “hot mama” who doesn’t have the confidence to date any longer?!!?! I don’t know about you, but I am not sure how I would handle that type of situation. My O-Mom (Other-Mother/Step-Mom/love of my life) has had this challenge since as far back as I can remember. After she and my father divorced I always wondered why such a cute and attractive woman never dated. I remember several different gentlemen trying to pursue her but she would always decline. One day while we were hanging out I asked her why she never accepted any of the invitations. I was praying that she didn’t say she was still hung up on my WHACK daddy, and thank God that was not the case. However, I was really surprised at her explanation.

She told me that for decades she has leaked urine when she sneezes, coughs, dances and laughs. She went on to explain that it got even worse after she had my brother. She said that there have actually been a few men who she was interested in, but because regular pads are so bulky and she leaks when she dances and laughs, she declined. She continued to say that regular pads assist in the matter, but at times even participating in day-to-day activities can be tough to handle mentally.


She went on to tell me that after doing a little research, she discovered that bladder leaks are a normal part of life, and this experience is nothing to be embarrassed by or a topic to avoid. She continued by telling me that while shopping she stumbled upon a few Always Discreet products that are uniquely designed for bladder leak protection, which includes liners and pads in addition to bladder leak underwear. Hearing this made me feel a lot better. I had no idea that Always Discreet made products specifically for light to heavy bladder leaks that will protect women in a way period pads can’t.

After she opened up about her incontinence, I did my own research. One, because I was really intrigued, and two, because I actually have started to experience bladder leaks myself. Just last week when one of my girls cracked a joke, I started to laugh and that’s when I experienced overactive bladder for the first time. To be quite honest, I didn’t read too much into it at the time, but now that my O-Mom and have educated me, I know it is overactive bladder syndrome. Keep reading to check out some of the interesting facts I found out about bladder leaks and the benefits of Always Discreet:



  • 1-in-3 women experience bladder leaks.
  • 1-in-2 African American women 18yrs+ experience bladder leaks, but only 1-in-9 use incontinence protection.

Always Discreet Product Benefits:

  • Always Discreet has RapidDry™ technology that turns liquid to gel, so that Always Discreet pads can absorb 4X more than Always Ultra period pads of similar size and Always Discreet liners absorb 2X more than the leading menstrual liner.
Leak Guard Protection
  • While menstrual pads have wings, Always Discreet pads have full-length Double LeakGuards™ that help stop leaks at the legs where they happen most.
Odor Protection
  • Always Discreet’s OdorLock™ technology helps trap and neutralize the odors specific to urine. That’s something menstrual pads don’t have.
  • Always Discreet pads are up to 45% thinner than the leading incontinence brand.
  • Always Discreet underwear has a 360 FormFit™ design with a contoured core that hugs your curves for a smooth, comfortable fit, unlike bulky adult diapers.


This bit of information is super important and helpful! Why? Well, because I am not only a woman, I am an African American woman and my chances of experiencing this syndrome is higher than any other race. However, now that I understand bladder leaks are common, when it happens again I will be prepared and I won’t make a big deal out of nothing. Instead, I will just head to the store and pick up a pack or two of Always Discreet. I am just happy that my OM felt comfortable enough to open up to me about her incontinence. I am already convinced that Always Discreet are a much better choice for bladder leaks than period pads. I am also happy that Always Discreet made their liners, pads, and bladder leak underwear with fashionable women in mind. They have a great selection made specifically for light to heavy bladder leaks that will protect you in a way period pads can’t.


Since discovering Always Discreet, and that bladder leaks are a normal and common experience, the sexy, sassy lady that I once knew has regained her confidence and has gotten her mojo back! I am excited to say that she came to visit me recently and we had a ball. We hit the streets of SoFla like two teenagers; in our minds anyway! LOL! We participated in tons of activities and not one time did she seem uncomfortable or pressured. While out to dinner, I even noticed that she flirted a bit with the handsome guy who kept trying to get her attention. I was like OK! Go girl!!! I am also happy to say she is now dating again! Nothing serious, but that doesn’t matter. It’s just awesome to see that self-assurance and gleam back in her eyes.

Check out several of the Always Discreet options below:

Always Discreet Incontinence Liners:
• Absorbency level: Light bladder leaks
• Absorb 2x more than the leading period liner
• RapidDry™ and OdorLock™ protection
Always Discreet Incontinence Pads:
• Absorbency level: Moderate to heavy bladder leaks
• Absorb 4x more than period pads of a similar size
• RapidDry™ and OdorLock™ protection
• Double LeakGuards™ barriers
• 45 percent thinner than the leading incontinence brand
Always Discreet Incontinence Underwear:
• Absorbency level: Heavy bladder leaks
• RapidDry™ and OdorLock™ protection
• Double LeakGuards™ barriers
• 360 FormFit™ design
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Check out this really awesome Always Discreet + Walmart video below!

Now that my O-Mom has discovered Always Discreet, she has started to participate in day-to-day activities again and resume her dating life with confidence! How do you deal with bladder leaks? Which incontinence product do you use? Inquiring minds would like to know, what would you do if ever in this same situation?

Have A Happy Healthy, and Remember to Always…

Stay Sassy!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Always Discreet. The opinions and text are all mine.


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    Hi!, I was reading your blog about bladder leakage. I’m a male suffering bladder issues too and I need to stay active and an issue with my bladder doesn’t mean that I need to withdraw from my favorite activities. As a male I decided to use Always discreet underwear as my normal underwear as part of my wardrobe and performing my favorite activities and wearing my favorite jeans and shorts. Despite of the fit, look and comfort of feminine underwear I can go to everywhere with no worries about leakage.

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