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If you guys know me you know that I am all about international travel! I love everything about it, even the security checks and the long flights. I have been blessed to have experienced several amazing places abroad such as Paris, London, Spain (Barcelona and Zaragoza), Italy and more. All have been checked off my bucket list, but there are several more that still needed crossing off, like Australia.

However…and that is a big however! When I do get my chance to set foot on that AMAZING soil I want to do it on a budget and since I am from the US, the first thing I would do is head over to deals @ HotUKSavings to grab a very cost effective flight.

You may really like the idea of road tripping and the experience that it brings, but simply don’t fancy the idea of sleeping in a car or caravan? Or, you may just really want a vacation that’s long overdue, but the prices of hotels really put you off? There are many ways to explore the amazing country of Australia without spending an arm and a leg on accommodation. Actually, you may not even have to spend a cent and still enjoy a nice vacation. Interested in learning how that’s possible? Then keep on reading.


One of the best ways to see parts of Australia for small amounts of money is looking at couchsurfing deals. You may feel that this is not the safest option, but there are plenty of mediator websites and services that will guarantee for the home owners’ reputation and credibility. With the possibility to stay at someone’s home, you will get first-hand local recommendations for some fulfilling exploration. What’s more, you’ll be able to get around the place like a true local.

International Travel

House sitting

This is a very interesting option that many people would find suitable for their travelling needs. Basically, people who have to leave their homes and/or pets are always on the lookout for someone to take care of things while they’re gone. This is a win-win situation. At the Happy House Sitters website you can find great offers made by homeowners looking for people like you. Check it out and you may have the coziest accommodation for your next adventure in the Land Down Under.

Home exchanges

If you want to set off on a trip that would allow you to get to know Australia more, but don’t know what to do about your own home while you are away, look for other people in the same situation. If there’s someone somewhere who wants to explore your part of the world, you can simply swap houses for the duration of your trip. Again, everybody wins and you won’t have to pay for accommodation. Of course, you should check out the homeowners you’ll be switching homes with, to make sure they’re legit. There’s plenty of info online on this subject.

International Travel

A unique stay

Have you ever thought about staying at a farm or a monastery? Probably not. But this is one of the pretty exciting options when it comes to budget-friendly accommodation during your trip. Some farms and monasteries are completely free of charge – they would probably ask you for donations or some simple work to help out. But even those that charge per night are very low-cost. If you want to explore the quiet and rural corners of Oz, this is definitely something to consider.

Apartment rental

Some people rent their apartments for short time periods specifically. These are perfect for travelers. You’ll be getting a completely furnished apartment for a considerably lower price compared to hostels and hotels. What’s more, you’ll get the opportunity to truly live like a local and explore a new place without any limitations. No curfew, no reception check-ins and no overpriced stays – definitely the best deal for someone who just wants to get away, relax and experience new things in life.

As you can see, road tripping and regular vacations in Australia don’t have to be uncomfortable or cost you more than you can afford. Make sure to check all your options regarding budget-friendly accommodations and do your research online. You will definitely find a bargain that will end up bringing you lifelong memories, friendships and experience.

Sassy Peeps! Do you love international travel as much as I do? Which place(s) are on your bucket list? Is Australia one of them? Inquiring minds want to know.

Happy and Safe Travels Sassy Peeps! And Remember to Always…

Stay Sassy!

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