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It is an old story – you open your closet in search of something nice to wear and end up frustrated and lost in dull colors and combinations. In winter, it is much easier to simply grab the first thing off the shelf, like jeans and boxy jumpers, fluffy cardigans and wool skirts. Black and neutral colors are part of the winter theme, but in summer, you want your outfit to match the light, flowery and beach-ready feeling. Even if you own enough items, it is always a good idea to freshen up your wardrobe with lovely summer colors.




…or playsuits and unitards, overalls and rompers – no matter how you call them, they are go-to pieces when it comes to summer clothing. Just slip into them, match them with your shoes, and you’re good to go. It doesn’t get any simpler than that., but you can forget about plainness and simplicity when it comes to patterns, fabric and texture. Jumpsuits are very versatile. Choose from airy rayon playsuits in tropical or floral patterns to neutral satin colors and black strapless onesies. Oh and lets not forget the timeless denim overalls. You’ll be your carefree and happy sixteen-year-old self again. Another item we love is the variation of a pinafore dress. It´s just like a jumpsuit, only with a skirt instead of trouser legs and a great addition to any wardrobe.

Roses are Red, Summer is Multi-hued


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There are so many different fabric patterns that you can playfully mix in your summer outfit. Smiles, cold drinks and ice-cream, café murmur and beach laughs – this is what summer is all about. You should include all that jazziness into your look. Choose radiant, bright colors. Finally, an excuse to wear those lovely neon pinks, yellows, and greens! Tropical print, herringbone’s, tartans, stripes, polka dots and flowers are all favorites. But there’s also one print that defies description and carries the true meaning of summer, and that happy-go-lucky, feel-good vibe. Beautiful gypsy dresses, tops and skirts are very flattering and feminine, and their multi-colored ethnic prints will exude that lively bohemian spirit.

Accessorize with(out) Caution


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While it is probably not a good idea to over-stuff your outfit with too many details and different prints, it is okay to experiment with different pieces of jewelry, bags, scarves and whatnot’s. Just make sure to follow a certain theme. If your complete look shouts Caribbean-nights-out-at-the-beach-bar, go for those huge golden creoles. If the rest of your outfit follows a toned-down safari theme, shake things up a bit with chunky, detailed earrings, and bracelets with tassels and colorful beads. And, finally, summers are a perfect excuse to wear bandannas, wide-brimmed straw hats, crazy-patterned head-wraps and body jewelry. Also, pack your daily necessities in a nice clutch or leather saddle purse in unexpected colors.

Beach Ready


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Flowy dresses, denim shorts, ruffled skirts and crop tops are only some of the items you should have in your summer wardrobe. When you’re off to the beach, you’ll want to wear something light, comfortable and undemanding in terms of getting in and out of it. Go for denim skirts and flip flops, printed bikinis, graphic T-shirts and much-loved crochet items. You can show some attitude with eclectic colors and unexpected combinations of prints – after all, it’s summer and a bit of excess is allowed. It’s a good idea to invest in a sturdy canvas or woven beach bag where you can pack your snacks, sunscreen, towels and other necessities. Body suit, trikinis or bikinis – the choice is yours, but avoid silly tan lines and skip buying those with too many criss-cross straps and embellishments. Other than that, you’re ready for your fun under the sun: hot sand, crashing waves and ice-cold drinks.

Hi Sassy Peeps! How do you go about bringing summer vibes to your wardrobe? Inquiring minds want to know!


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