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Everyone is raving about the new smear-proof, kiss-proof lipstick but that’s not the only reason women are going crazy after Lipsense. It is long-lasting as well with the ability to stay fresh for as long as 18 hours. That’s a relief for many who find it daunting to refresh their lipstick after every few hours. I didn’t know much about it until I came across this review of Lipsense.

There are classic Lipsense colors that are essential for every woman to have. Perhaps the names of the shades may change but the colors themselves will endure because they’re timeless. No matter the season or what particular hue is hot at the moment these colors will look amazing on you.

This lineup below will see you through everything from a hot date on the weekend to the office during the workweek and everything in between.

If you ask anyone who loves LipSense you’ll find it’s impossible for us to agree on our top 5 LipSense colors!

However, you need to find the shade in each category that fits you. Getting that right starts with knowing your skin’s undertone.

Know Your Undertone

To find the lipsense color to suite your skin, you need to know your undertone. There are three: warm, cool, and neutral. To determine which you have, hold a piece of white paper up to your face. For warm undertones your skin will look peachy, yellow, or golden. Cool undertones have pink, red, or blue shades. Neutral undertones have some mixture of these colors.

If all else fails, simply pick lip colors that are one to two shades darker than your natural lip.

And now onto the 5 colors…

1. Nude

Nude Lipsense ColorA nice neutral is essential because it’s so versatile. You can wear it in professional situations or for every day. It’s understated and relaxed but adds finish to your look. You’ll look more put together no matter how long you took to get ready that morning. Plus because it’s LipSense you don’t have to worry about constantly touching up. It lasts all day.

Bella is the perfect neutral shade on the kind of darker side which layers well but you can’t go wrong with First Love. Beige Champagne is another perfect everyday neutral.

2. Red

fly girl Lipsense ColorWhether you want to turn heads or turn up the glamour, every woman needs her go to classic red lip color. Blu Red is the perfect all around red. Fly Girl is the most amazing sexy red ever for a night out—it’s the ideal dress up red. Smudge proof is really important here since a smudge can take the look from sexy to trashy in a second. Oops remover removes any mess ups that you need to correct because that color isn’t going anywhere!

Put matte gloss over a red like Fly Girl to achieve that iconic movie star lips reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe who made the look iconic. Mac Cosmetics even made an line entire line of red lipstick in her honor. However, that red lipstick left behind marks on glasses, faces, and white shirt collars that we all know LipSense will not.

3. Pink

pink champagne Lipsense ColorPink is the Lipsense color that is two-faced: it sports a sweet or a sassy side. It can communicate femininity (like with a soft pink like Pink Champagne) or it can say girly with Party Pink which is more of a neon pink. Aussie Rose is a deeper pink that I love as a base layer. Decide the intensity you like and make that your go-to pink.

4. Orange/Peach

Summer Sunset Lipsense ColorPeach is one of those colors that looks appropriate at every age, plus it’s  flattering and forgiving. It looks best when the rest of your makeup looks natural. To me it’s the perfect summer color (like Summer Sunset or Coral Reef) but add some depth and it works for Fall or cooler months: Persimmon or Pomegranate come to mind.

5. Berry 

Sheer Berry Lipsense ColorI’m not going to suggest a lot of lipsense colors here because to me Lexie Berry wins, hands down as the best berry color. Berry shades range from raspberry (lighter red) to blackberry  which is much darker and deeper (good luck finding the unicorn LipSense color by the same name!). For a more purple side of berry that doesn’t start with the word berry, try Napa.

The best part is you can easily change up the look of any color with LipSense tinted glosses or by layering colors. Like Icicle. Add one or two layers as a base and you get the same hue of any color, just lighter. Matte gloss gives a no shine look to put over Fly Girl or another bold red when you don’t want shine. Gold or silver glitter gloss adds shine AND shimmer.

So Sassy Peeps, What are your favorite LipSense colors? We all have the ones we can’t live without!

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