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Hello Sassy Peeps,

If you don’t have the wherewithal to purchase a whole new wardrobe this season, no biggie? There are tons of ways you can reinvent the clothes you already own. In the interest of beautiful albeit broke fashionistas everywhere, we are pleased to present a few savvy tips for making your old garments new again.

Step One: Shop at Home


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Start by shopping your closet. However, don’t try to do everything in one day. Trust me, you’ll wear yourself out. Instead, set aside a couple of hours over the next several weekends. These few hours can give you months of great new fashion ideas, say style experts at Huffington Post.

Begin your closet shopping session by considering your personal style and how your current clothing might be altered or accessorized to create an adorable new look. Pick one item and hold it next to other items to find clothes in a similar color group. Mix and match, add and take away accessories, and envision yourself strutting the sidewalk in a newly concocted creation.

Wear the Same Thing, but Differently

Roll up your long-sleeved shirtsleeves, and don’t forget to turn the collar up. A typical button-down shirt can feel a bit dull and unimaginative. Rolled sleeves add casual nonchalance that’s perfect for non-formal days, says Pop Sugar magazine.

Another great way to reinvent your wardrobe is to play on themes, mix textures and don’t be afraid to goof. It’s only clothes after all. Pair a party skirt with a different top. In fact, pair that party skirt with every top in your closet to see what works best. Try things on and check your look in the mirror before giving any clothing combination a yea or nay. Remember, a bit of imperfection can go a long way toward boosting your style.

Leverage your Accessories


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Handbags, shoes, boots, scarves, jewelry, hats, and gloves each offer a chance to change up an outfit and make it new again. Try using a scarf as a belt, tie a kerchief to the handle of your handbag, or layer jewelry to dazzling proportions. Revive your wardrobe creatively, and don’t set limits on your fashion imagination. Don’t forget to add pizzazz to your boot collection with cute and flirty BCS top extenders. Boot toppers are a super affordable way to make it feel like you’ve got several new pairs of boots.

You might be dazzled by the season’s latest runway fashions and wonder how you can ever keep up. Truth is, you can tweak your current outfits with flair. Fold your jacket collar just so, or cuff your jeans a whole new way. Be creative, use what you have, invest in a few classic pieces, and revel in your reinvented wardrobe.

These days, few of us have gobs of cash to spend on new clothes every time we want them. Be creative, use what you’ve already got, trade clothes with friends, and learn to sew your own. Before you know it, you’ll boast a wardrobe that’s as big as you want it to be.

So Sassy Peeps, how do you stylishly reinvent your old clothes? Inquiring minds want to know!

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