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We begin experimenting with clothes and makeup in our childhood when mom gives us the chance to try on her heels, or some of her lipsticks and eye shadows. So, it’s no wonder we continue to try and find ourselves through various beauty styles, and it’s even less of a wonder that we make a mistake every now and then. However, some of those slip-ups tend to leave a much deeper and, unfortunately, visible mark on our bodies, leaving us with a whole lot of regret.

Eyebrow Faux Pas

Somehow, the number one beauty regret always goes to eyebrow-related mishaps. Being one of the biggest focuses of any makeup routine nowadays, it’s hard to believe that we used to pluck our eyebrows obsessively and way too much. However, having a simple and barely visible line, instead of a fully-grown eyebrow was rather common, and many women regret it immensely today. However, plucking wasn’t the only eyebrow problem many women dealt with. Since blonde has always been so popular a color, many brunettes chose to match their eyebrow color to their hair, and bleached their eyebrows as well, leaving them either in the wrong shade or ending up with no eyebrows at all, for months.

Gel Manicure


Many women consider having flawless nails a must, so it’s no wonder a majority chose to have their nails treated at the salon. What’s more, having a gel manicure saved us from scheduling an appointment once a week, and offered a month of gorgeous manicure that didn’t need any touch-ups. However, the gel did tend to cause some serious damage to the nails if the manicurist didn’t remove it correctly. If you decided to take it off by yourself at home, your nails would look like a true disaster, and you would end up with brittle and highly damaged nails you wouldn’t be able to bring back to life for months after.


BEAUTY CHOICESA favorite quote, an interesting symbol or maybe an important date ‒ those were just some of the tattoo ideas many chose to decorate their bodies with. However, as many people emphasized, getting a tattoo at your teenage years is never a smart choice. What might have meant the world to you then might not have the same meaning now, and you may even find this permanent mark on your body just not worth the ink. Fortunately, you won’t have to regret making this bold move in the past, because with a professional and safe laser tattoo removal, you’ll have the chance to get rid of any tattoos that just don’t belong on your body anymore.

Eyelash Extensions


Full, long lashes immediately give your eyes that glamorous look. This is why eyelash extensions are so popular, giving you the chance to always look like you’ve just done your eye makeup. However, after the extensions are removed, many have complained they were left with stubby lashes that never seemed as full as they were before the extensions were done. Only after a lot of care, and lash serums did they manage to grow to their previous thickness, and regain the desired natural length.

Breast Implants

When striving to perfection we often overlook our actual capacities, and end up making wrong choices. This was exactly what many women did after having their breasts augmented. Instead of going for a natural look, they decided to get the biggest breasts possible, only to realize later that they should never have done it that way. Consequently, they needed to get a breast reduction, and put themselves through another agonizing procedure.

Final Thoughts

Not every beauty choice we make is worth the trouble, but it does offer a good lesson. Overly plucked eyebrows, self-removed gel manicure, ridiculous tattoos, lash extensions and huge breast implants are just some of the beauty choices many regret making. So, always think twice before making crucial beauty choices, because it can leave long-term consequences.

So Sassy Peeps, Have you ever regretted any of your beauty choices? If so, do tell! Inquiring minds want to know.

Have A Happy Healthy, and Remember to Always…
Stay Sassy!


Emma Lawson

Emma Lawson is a passionate writer, online article editor and a health enthusiast. In her spare time, she likes to do research, and write articles to create awareness regarding a healthy lifestyle. 

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  1. Sandy says: Reply

    Such a nice post. I was not aware that tattoos can be removed in an easy way. Thanks for sharing

    1. Dawn Gibson says: Reply

      Thank you Sandy! I really appreciate your comments. Thanks so much

  2. Dawn Gibson says: Reply

    Thank you Sandy! I really appreciate your comments. Thanks so much

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