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Everyday, we ingest different sorts of food, not knowing which one is causing harm to our overall health. And believe it or not, we encounter most of these foods every single day!

Having said that, it is about time to know how to spot them and substitute them with their healthier alternatives! And the good news is that you won’t have to alter the taste of your favorite foods! Check out these 7 common ingredients along with their healthier alternatives.

White Rice —> Brown Rice

In Southeast Asian countries, white rice is a staple. However, it may pose a threat to our health when consumed in large quantities. To be safe, it would be better to eat brown rice. It is rich in fiber and is bursting with flavors.

Butter —-> Bananas

healthier alternatives

Bananas make an excellent pair with oatmeal. But if used in place for ordinary table sugar, they place a bigger and healthier role. These yellow fruits are rich in potassium that lowers blood pressure and keeps the digestive system in shape.

Sugar —> Cinnamon

healthier alternatives

Of course, when it comes to choosing to eat healthy, it is very hard to say no to foods we are used to preparing. Luckily, there are these nutritious replacements that may help us correct our diet without compromising the taste!

White Flour —> Organic Coconut Flour

healthier alternatives

Instead of using commercial white flour, opt for organic coconut flour. It is packed with essential nutrients needed by the body. Well, if you are concerned that the taste of the food will change, don’t worry. It’s unlikely that there’ll be differences in the taste.

Sour Cream —> Greek Yogurt

healthier alternatives

The sour cream makes an excellent dip. But if you are living the healthy life, choose Greek yogurt. It can cut your fat intake and improves the taste of chips and veggies!

Oil —> Applesauce

healthier alternatives

To bake healthier cakes, replace vegetable oil with applesauce and see how it ends up. But if you haven’t mastered the art of using it yet, begin by tweaking the balance of oil and applesauce. This should work perfectly well with muffins and quick breads. Take note that the results might be drier for baked treats, such as cookies.

Chocolates —> Cacao Nibs

healthier alternatives

Who could ever resist the sweet taste of chocolates? None, we believe. But we highly recommend you make the decision to swap them with cacao nibs. Although they taste the same, they are healthier since they do not contain sugar. In addition, they have antioxidants that help cleanse the body and keep the blood pressure levels normal.

Just don’t be harsh on yourself by eating something hard for you to take. You can still prepare real food that has healthier alternatives and tastes better by using these nutritious ingredient alternatives!

Hi Sassy Peeps, what healthier alternatives to you use when cooking? Inquiring minds want to know?

Have A Happy Healthy, and Remember to Always…
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