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After months of saying you’re in desperate need of a vacation (but refusing to take time off), you’ve finally booked yourself some well-deserved PTO days. Yayyy!

However, if your next question is, “Does the hotel have Wi-Fi?” you’re not on your own. In today’s modern world, we earn our vacations but we don’t always take them because it can be difficult to unplug, let go, and relax once we’ve dragged ourselves away from the office. But it’s incredibly important to recharge your batteries.

Taking time off allows you to emotionally, mentally, and physically recharge, giving you a new perspective which boosts your creativity when you get back home.



So, if you’re heading off on your next vacation, here’s how you can make sure you relax to the max:

Keep Within a Set Budget

If a luxury two-week vacation isn’t doable, why not consider a city break or going to a local resort that’s only a short drive away?

In fact, taking these short breaks more frequently can have greater benefits on your overall health than just taking one long break once or twice a year. Ultimately, you don’t want to get home after your relaxing vacation to find your bank balance is in the red, because this will probably cause you even more stress, undoing all the hard work you put into relaxing while you were away.

Get Things Together Before You Go

When you’re laid on the beach thinking about that email you should have sent before you left or the deadline you’re missing while you’re away, you’re never going to be able to chill out. So, before you set off, try to work a bit harder to get things done, letting people know you’ll be unavailable for the next X amount of days. As well as setting your out of office, give people another contact they can get in touch with while you’re away.

Give Yourself Some Connectivity Rules

A lot of hotels, like the Philadelphia Marriott West, will have excellent Wi-Fi facilities, which is great, but it’s important you aren’t checking your emails every five minutes while you’re on your vacation.

Unfortunately, it isn’t always possible to escape the world back home completely, but you can keep your communication with the office, friends, and family to a minimum. Set yourself a minimum amount of time you can be connected to the Internet while you’re away (e.g. 30 minutes a day), avoiding some apps altogether if you can. You might want to post a photo on Instagram of your gorgeous hotel view, but do this then switch your phone off. You don’t want to be embroiled in all the latest fiasco’s going on at home.

Ease Yourself Back into It

If you can, book a flight home on a Friday or Saturday so you can take some time to adjust to “reality” when you get home. Plan a day where you re-enter things, using this as a buffer between your first day back at work and your vacation. You can use this day to catch up on your emails, missed calls, and Instagram posts before going back to work the next day. This will help relieve any pressure (and nasty surprises).

It’s inevitable there will be some stress when you go back to work, and that’s unavoidable. However, by integrating pleasurable, healthy activities into your day-to-day life after your vacation, you shouldn’t always be reliant on going on vacation to recharge.  

Sassy Peeps, How do you make the most of your vacation? Inquiring minds want to know?

Have a Happy Healthy and Remember to Always….Stay Sassy

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    Nice Post. I too need a vacation desperately these days.

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