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The most exciting time of the year for any fashion lover is the season of the New York, London, Milan, and Paris fashion week, where a great number of amazing designers let us indulge in their art. So many style trends to see and choose from, so many colorful outfits for us to look at with glee. This year’s fashion month is finally over, and we’re left with an overwhelming number of options in terms of cut, style, and color – so, which one of these are the important ones? In the sea of amazing designs, which style trends stood out and will rule the world of fashion next year? Let’s find out.

Glitter, Glitter, and more Glitter


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Best news ever, ladies: it’s time for more sparkle in your lives! Balmain and Tom Ford seem to be particularly fond of old glam glittery dresses, and the runway was ruled by shimmery models who shined their way into the new season. Grab yourself a fabulous red dress covered in glitter and be ready to be the center of attention at any party, or keep it dowsed down by pairing a glitter jacket with some jeans and your old chucks for a chic little look.

Soft Pink


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We’re back to gentle colors and soft fabrics, and pink seems to be the best at drawing out that old-school feminine vibe. Want a winning outfit for the office? Then wear the increasingly popular pantsuit in a powder pink color, and give an ode to both feminism and femininity as you show off your professional sense of style. Another fun idea? Put a twist on the traditional trench coat by getting it in soft pink, and bring some life into everything you wear.

Bold Florals


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Florals? In spring? Scandalous! All jokes aside, we’re so happy to see that this style trends is back because it’s such an easy thing to pull off, and yet it makes such a statement. On the runway, there were a lot of sleek little two-pieces and voluminous dresses with a bold rose print, and this shouldn’t be difficult for you to recreate. Go for a classical Valentino floral print and wear a light button-down shirt and an A-line skirt. Or be a grand diva and wear a flowy dress with something edgy – like a pair of studded leather shoes and a black leather handbag. You can keep this look entirely feminine and traditional, or give it a masculine twist by pairing soft fabrics and prints with boxy cuts and styles.

Space Age



Could be the Star Wars mania or the Blade Runner reboot finally catching up to fashion, could be our love of all things shiny, but silvery metallics are taking up the runways once again. If you’re brave, a sleek metallic catsuit is something that will definitely turn heads, but most of us need something a little more wearable. A shiny silver jacket can make any outfit pop, or you could maybe go for a modern sci-fi look and pair a sleek black dress with metallic boots and metallic eye shadow. Keep it in the details if you don’t want to come off tacky, and rock on.

Peasant Blouses


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Beautiful boho chic graced Louis Vuitton and Saint Laurent models, and peasant blouses were used in new and interesting ways. Rather than giving it an all-hippie vibe, the blouses were styled with leather pants, and even worn under graphic t-shirts. Take a high-waist leather skirt and wear it with a loose peasant blouse, put on some dangly earrings and cinch everything with a wide belt and you’re good to go.

Here you go, now you’ve got the perfect excuse to experiment with your wardrobe a little more. Grab some bold, trendy pieces and have fun putting together creative outfits. Better yet, invite your girlfriends over and pretend you’re all models as you laugh and try things on.

Sassy Peeps, What are some of your favorite style trends? Inquiring minds would like to know!


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