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Wearing short dresses are definitely an ongoing trend. Several women are actually looking for the newest collection of formal short dresses to wear to their next event. Rock your dress in style by following these 4 tips to wearing short formal dresses:

Find A Flattering Style


Every women has a different figure so it pays to know the right cut that will flatter your shape. Wearing short formal dresses are all about defining the waist and hips. women who are top heavy should avoid dresses that stress the top. Likewise, those who are bottom heavy should avoid wearing dresses that have tight skirting.

There are many different styles of short dresses to choose from, such as, strapless, halter, a-line, and shirt dresses. Explore the shape that suits you best.

Pick The Right Shoes

There are a lot of things to consider when picking the perfect shoes that compliment a short dress. Simple flats or black heels go well with dresses that have bold and striking patterns. For evening dresses with sparkly details, consider getting shoes that are neutral or nude in color. Bright shoes bring zest to a plain black or brown outfit.

High heels are often hard to pair with short dresses as it tends to make your skirt look shorter. However, with the right dress shape and the appropriate shoe style, you’ll be able to pull off this look with confidence.

Be Comfortable & Confident In Your Skin

There’s only so much your dress and shoes can do for you if you don’t have enough confidence to bring them to the party. Your choice of outfit plays a big role in defining your mood. It’s important to choose clothes you’re comfortable wearing.

Avoid Showing Too Much

Short formal dresses have a tendency to expose a lot of skin. An important role in choosing the length of your dress is to choose a skirt that falls beneath your fingertips when your arms are on your sides. This makes for a great proportion. 

If you’re still conscious of baring too much skin, choose an a-line skirt that sits at your waistline. You can also try a high-low skirt to add more coverage. Furthermore, you can always bring a shawl or a coat to your formal event.

So Sassy Peeps, when wearing short formal dresses how do you ensure you are feeling confident and sassy? Inquiring minds want to know!

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    Nice tips for girls. I have seen many girls who actually don’t know how to carry a short dress.

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