Think you have just enough time to plan, buy, and wrap a Christmas present for all the important people in your life? Think again. Christmas is right around the corner and if you haven’t made and ordered a definitive list of presents by now, it’s about time you got moving. After all, you want to say thanks to three ugly Christmas sweaters by giving a thoughtful gift of your own.

Here is a foolproof Christmas gift guide to help you pick out the gifts your friends, significant other, and family will love. Let’s dive in!

Christmas Gift Guide

For your Boyfriend


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Is the relationship fresh, in its infancy, or is it mature and stable? It doesn’t matter really, men are fairly simple and they like simple and reliable things. No matter if you’ve been together two months or two years, you can’t go wrong with a pair of sneakers (winter padded model), a beard care and shaving kit, and a video game. Not in that order necessarily.

Is he a guy who minds his appearance at all times? Don’t forget a nice comb and some skincare oils to keep that kissable skin looking radiant and just perfect! Oh, and boxer briefs. Men always need underwear.

For the Girl in your Life


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Okay, men are simple enough but what about women? Sorry to break it to you ladies, but you are about as simple as Kim Kardashian’s and Kanye West’s marriage. And that’s okay, it just means that it’s not as easy to find the perfect gift, although there are some ideas that can’t fail.

Such as makeup. You can never go wrong with makeup, especially the pricey kind, so get ready. Now, you want to be smart in your approach, as you want to figure out the exact shade, color, texture and ingredient her favorite makeup products have, and then choose the brand she can’t afford.

Second, girls love wearing shades, and lucky for you they need them both during winter and in the summer. So be sure to research some of the innovative styles of sunglasses in Australia, because those people know how to make a pair of shades. Of course, don’t forget to complement them with your makeup choice. Easy, smart, and irresistible!

Don’t Forget your Dad


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When was the last time your old man moved his butt off the couch and enjoyed some good old-fashioned fitness fun? If he was a certified couch potato up until now, then signing him up for a yearly membership at his local gym might just help him lead a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Even if he doesn’t seem to like it at first, he’ll come around. Now, you want to bribe him to begin his transformation with something he truly loves and enjoys. So think about his hobbies and habits and work up from there. Just keep it on the healthy side, he will thank you later.

You Only Have One Mom, You Know


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She carried you for nine months and gave birth to you, for Pete’s sake! Sounds familiar? You don’t want to mess with your momma, so a proper gift is in order. Fortunately, your mom loves you no matter what so you can pretty much get away with anything.

A beautiful new handbag or a bottle of her favorite perfume is always an excellent choice, but you can also get her something to help her out around the house as well. From kitchenware to new pajamas and slippers, she’ll love it all.

And Something For The Grandparents


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Last but not least, grandparents require nothing yet seeing the smile on their faces when they receive a gift is truly a sight to remember. From an initial necklace for your grandma to keep your name always near her heart to quality Cuban cigars and a pair of comfy slippers for the pops (remember that men are quite simple that way), whatever you get, they will cherish.

Christmas is slowly approaching, and with it, the holiday shopping season is heating up. Be sure to research as many online presents as you can to avoid the crowds, and order yours well in advance to have everything neatly organized and packed for the family gathering on Christmas!

So Sassy Peeps, have you created your Christmas Gift Guide for this year??? Inquiring minds want to know!


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