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As someone who’s hosted quite a few holiday soirées in their time, you know a little something about hostess gifts. More specifically, you know how they usually suck.

It’s not anyone’s fault, per se. You know everyone has the best intentions when they arrive at your door with a present in hand. The problem is everyone had the same idea. A popular gift is a cheap blend of wine, and somehow, it’s nearly always the kind you can barely stomach. If not a bottle of questionable red, then your guests arrive with a bouquet of flowers clutched between their hands—which lasts about three days before they release pollen all over the place.

Now that you’re the guest this time around, you don’t want to be that person who leaves behind a boring gift, but landing on a unique yet thoughtful present isn’t always easy during the hectic holidays. Luckily, you can find a creative present that seems as though you spent the entire holidays planning it. All you have to do to stand out from the rest of the guests is pick something from this list.

Homemade Bread

This option is only for those willing to take a crack as a chef, but you’ll benefit from your bravery if you do. Everyone loves bread, especially when it’s a nice, crusty loaf made by someone they love. It isn’t the easiest gift to pull if you’ve never kneaded or activated yeast before, so it’s a good idea to practice before the night of the party.

Once you get a handle on your recipe of choice (use a resource like this one to find the perfect one), give yourself enough time to bake before the party, so it’s still warm when you arrive at their house. Complement your bread with flavored butters, preserves, and olives, and you’ll be sure to delight your host. Who knows — they may even share a little bit of it with you!

Customized Android & iPhone Skins


Anyone with a smartphone struggles with their handset from time to time. Maybe it’s the near constant smudges marring its body or the embarrassing nicks along the bezels. You’d win best hostess gift if you could solve these problems. The fact that you could also transform their black rectangle into a slab of precision-cut marble, a sleeping dragon, or a hardwood carving just cements your lead over the other guests.

That’s the kind of protection and style you can expect out of Android and iPhone skins made at the dbrand headquarters. In addition to their scratch and grime resistance, these skins come in a variety of designs. dbrand has fresh skins that fit every type of host. For the prim and proper Stepford Wife who scarily resemble Martha Stewart, there’s a marble texture sure to impress. For the laid-back and whimsical host who spends most of their time outdoors, there’s a bamboo, zebra wood, or mahogany.

Flavored Alcohol


What’s a party without a cocktail or two? Help them get the drinks flowing with homemade liqueurs. It’s not as scary as it sounds. You can infuse any basic alcohol with your favorite flavors as long as you prepare far enough in advance. Vodka works especially well because it works as a clear, relatively tasteless base. Simply buy a generic brand of vodka (or a luxury one — nobody’s forcing you to budget!) and pick your flavorings. Vanilla pods and berries make a crowd-pleasing duo, and all you have to do is let these ingredients sit in the liquor long enough for their flavors to mingle. But don’t stop at this single suggestion. The sky’s the limit with your choice of flavors. Use a guide like this one to find unusual pairings.

Serving Boards


Since you accepted the invitation for dinner, it’s safe to say they enjoy acting as host. Anyone who entertains could do with another serving bowl, tray, or board, yet they’re often something people don’t buy for themselves. Help them be the host with the most by adding to their serving collection.

Splurge on a nice set of serving boards like Thirtystone Urban Farm’s boards and holder in mango wood. They make a stunning accent on any table, especially with its copper handle complementing the rustic boards. Perfect for displays of fruit, desserts, or cheeses, these are just as easy to put away with its storage block.

Cards Against Humanity Starter Kit

If your friends love to play games, then the Cards Against Humanity Starter Kit is a perfect accompaniment to your arrival. It’s a card game that’s marketed for “horrible people” as it forces players to finish fill-in-the-blank statement cards with raunchy or offensive answers. Each round has a Card Czar, who gets to read out each combination and choose the funniest answer. Though many of the options are politically incorrect, gameplay quickly devolves into who can out-do the other.

If they’ve played this before, opt for an unusual expansion pack. In the past, proceeds for the game’s holiday expansion packs have gone to charity. This year, the latest holiday-themed pack is part of a campaign to buy part of border where Trump wants to build his wall.

Though they may be unusual, that’s their charm. While everyone else arrives with a bottle of wine or a bouquet of flowers, you’ll outshine every other guest with your unique, yet thoughtful, hostess gifts. Take inspiration from this list, but don’t stop here. Let your creative juices flow until you’ve landed the ideal gift for your next holiday dinner party.

Sassy Peeps, what are some of your favorite hostess gifts? Inquiring minds would like to know!

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