Parties are a lot of fun, but preparing for one can be stressful. In addition to getting food and planning what you’re going to do at the party, you need to prepare your space for guests to come and enjoy themselves. Here are some party prep tips for getting your house ready for guests.


Make a List and Plan Early

A few weeks before the party, make a list of party prep tips that includes everything you need to do to prepare your home for the party. Then decide on the time frame you want to accomplish each item. Some things you can do a couple weeks before, but others will have to wait till the week of. For example, you could clean your crystal, china, and silverware two weeks ahead of time and deep clean problem areas in your home. These might include the entryway closet, the guest bathroom, the refrigerator, and the kitchen.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Starting about a week before the party, clean all areas where guests will be. Make sure to remove any piles of papers and clean other places where things tend to collect, and remove personal items that tend to clutter up living spaces. Once everything is clean, keep up the cleanliness each day until the party.

Arrange Furniture

Take a look at how your furniture is arranged and consider whether it works best for the party. You may have all the furniture in the living room facing a TV, for example, which isn’t conducive to conversation. As you consider how you want your furniture arranged, make sure there is a nice flow from one area of the house to another so guests can easily move about the space. Also consider having areas for intimate conversation, such as two chairs around a small table. Envision how you want the food to be laid out, and check that the seating makes sense as well.

Cleanse the Air

Clean air in the home will add to the ambiance and make it a pleasant place to be. There are a few things you can do to help purify the air:

⦁ Replace the air filter in your heating and air conditioning system, so it’s able to filter the air efficiently.
⦁ Use a diffuser with quality essential oils to add a nice scent to the air. Avoid cheap air freshener sprays. They can add toxins to the air and irritate guests with sensitivities.
⦁ If a diffuser isn’t possible, light high-quality candles (again, ones that use essential oils) to provide a subtle but pleasant scent to the home.
⦁ Buy some freshly cut flowers on the day of the party and arrange them in strategic areas. Fresh plants can be a great way to cleanse the air as well.

Add a Clean-up Station

During the party, it’s likely that some guests will spill on their clothes. To help with that, add a clean-up station to the guest bathroom that includes items such as club soda, rags, and Wine Away, which is a red wine stain remover.

Now that you’ve done these things, you should be ready to greet your guests. Just remember that preparing your home for a party takes lots of prep work, so plan early and work on it every day up until the party.

So Sassy Peeps, what party prep tips do you do to get ready for guests? Inquiring minds want to know!!

Have A Happy Healthy, and Remember to Always… Stay Sassy!

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