There are many advantages of having a pre-owned car instead of buying a new car. In the instance that you have a pre-owned vehicle then you need to know the basics of taking care of it. This is because as much as it pre-owned you need to know how to take care of it so that you do not incur unnecessary charges due to negligence. Here are some of the ways that you can take care of your pre-owned vehicle to make sure that it stays in a good condition for long.


Regular and comprehensive car maintenance is the key to making sure that the car stays in a good condition for long. Vehicle experts recommend that a car should be services after every 7,500 kilometer. The servicing should be done by an expert and in most cases it should involve changing of oil and filter. This will help the engine last long. The owners of pre-owned car should get in the habit of making sure that maintenance is regular and not sporadic as this will destroy the engine.

Check Oil regularly

Oil is one of the most important inputs in a vehicle as it helps maintain in a good working condition. Oil, is a key lubricant which helps keep the moving part well lubricate and this protects the moving parts from being worn out through friction. It’s advisable that one should check the oil level every morning and if the level is low then it should be topped up.

 Stay Sharp

A pre-owned car is no different than any other vehicles and observing it as you drive is very important.  As you drive it’s important to stay sharp and listen in case you hear any abnormal vibration of unusual noise. When a car has a problem or is developing one it will show signs in the form of noise or vibration. In the instance that you notice this, take it to your trusted mechanic to have it looked at. Subaru dealers are some of the best mechanics and have the best car diagnostics that can help in making sure that your pre-owned car stays in a good condition. This will help in diagnosing the problem before it becomes a big issue which cost you money.

Check the cooling system

The vehicle cooling system is another crucial part which determines the longevity of the vehicle. Regular checking of the vehicle cooling system will make it easier to spot any malfunction or problem. The problem which you need to be checking in the cooling system is a leakage. In case you find the cooling system to be defective then replacement should made. It is recommended that the vehicle coolant should be changed after the car has covered at least 30,000.

Check Brake pads

There is no greater tragedy like when you need your brakes and they are ineffective.  I always advised that one should check their brake pads and have them replaced after 25,000 miles especially if you live in a high temperature region.

So Sassy Peeps, what are some things you do you maintain your pre-owned car? Inquiring minds want to know!

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