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2018 is a year that promises a lot for fashion. With the popularity of inclusivity, gender fluidity, and rule breaking in new trends, it’s easy to get excited about what’s coming next year, what kind of places will this new street style take us. There’s a rising tide of women and men embracing their cultures, their individuality, and bringing them to the table to form something we’ve always enjoyed in our fashion – uniqueness. This is exactly the moment when street fashion thrives, when people grab what’s popular, put a bunch of little twists on it, and make it their own. To celebrate this and to inspire you to enjoy stylishness more than ever, we offer a quick overview of promising street style trends for the year 2018.


street style


Pantsuits seem to remain incredibly popular, but we’re taking it to the next level right now and going for more masculine cuts with chunky blazers and straight-leg pants. On the street, ladies are pairing casual shorts and skinny jeans with over-sized blazers and cool sunglasses that give them that polished, chic, “don’t care about you” kind of vibe that we love. Since blazers are so popular, we suggest that you simply start pairing them with whichever outfit you want – seriously, they are so versatile. Little black dress, jeans, pencil skirts, cargo pants, shorts, it all works and it’s an easy little piece that can carry the whole outfit and make it look great.

Legs for days

street style

Photo by taylor hernandez on Unsplash

Microskirts and shorts are making a comeback and we’re seeing a lot of long-legged goddesses sashaying down the street with sassy smirks on their faces. Gals, if you’ve got it, flaunt it! Enjoy showing off your smooth legs in a pair of tiny shorts! Pair it with a baggy sweater and you’ve got a cool, laid-back look on your hands that oozes major street style.


street style

Photo by Ali Marel on Unsplash

Talk about street style, asymmetrical necklines are a great way to bring an interesting aspect to your outfit. Something that wraps around you in a strange way or simply has an unusual placement will definitely keep all the eyes on you, and pairing an asymmetrical shirt or a sweater with something simple will make sure the look isn’t too overwhelming.

All About Athleisure

street style

Photo by Oliver Ragfelt on Unsplash

This trend has been overtaking the runways for years now and it just keeps on giving. People are absolutely in love with athleisure and the comfort it provides without sacrificing stylishness. You can take your baggy tracksuit bottoms and pair them with cute little crop tops and beanies, or enjoy fun and crazy leggings paired with baggy hoodies and graphic shirts. Comfy shoewear is trending and the cool and laidback Adidas Gazelle sneakers are making a comeback, so give your feet some lovin’ and find a good pair of stylish sneakers to complete your outfits.

Denim, Denim, and more Denim

street style

Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

Whether you stick to just your retro denim skirt or for a full-on denim outfit, it’s up to you. We’re eager to get our old jeans and denim jackets out from the back of the closet and enjoy a vintage-looking outfit paired with bold lipstick.

Bright Hues

street style

Photo by Yaroslav Blokhin on Unsplash

Bright colors, especially orange, are something you want to be rocking on the street. It’s attention-grabbing, it’s modern, and it’s a way to stand out in a sea of grey, brown, and black outfits that you see every morning on your way to work. Pick an orange turtle neck to pair with a pencil skirt, or pick an all-orange coat to flaunt every day.

Mismatched Prints

street style

Photo by Flaunter .com on Unsplash

The whole “never mix your prints” rule is something we’re obviously breaking this season. Layer up and mash together patterns, find a way to piece together an outfit that utilizes both florals and snakeskin, have fun! This is a real fashionista moment that only the bold will dare to try, but if you’ve got the skills and the attitude, absolutely go for it!

2018 is going to be all about creativity. Stay tuned ladies, because it promises to be a fun and colorful year!

So Sassy Peeps, what is your 2018 Spring Street Style? Inquiring minds want to know!!!


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