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Hey Sassy Peeps,

If you have been keeping up with my blog then you know that I have been working really hard to not only get fit, but to also get rid of any unsightly cellulite. As stated in a previous post, I have been visiting the Carmen Care Laser Advanced Center on a weekly basis to get Bella Shape Skin Tightening Treatments. These treatments banishe cellulite & wrinkles, help you look 10 years younger and it can be used on your body as well as your face. 

I live in South Florida I wear sleeveless shirts/dresses pretty much daily, so I decided to start with my upper arm area and I have to say so far so good. I have gotta three treatments and I can really tell a difference.

Check out what I mean below…

Before and After Results



To be honest, I was pretty surprised at the results. I can honestly say that I saw a very small difference after the first treatment and an even bigger one after the second. I will be getting my forth treatment today, and although it is not completely gone, I do see a nice difference and that gives this cellulite treatment an A++ in my book. Oh and let’s not forget that the latest photo shows results after my third treatment. Carmen Care suggests that you have at least five before truly judging. So I am positive it only keeps getting better.

Please check out the side by side view below and if you would like to find out more about the Bella Shape Skin Tightening Treatment and the things you should know about the treatment just click ==> HERE

 Side by Side View


So Sassy Peeps, are you looking for an effective cellulite treatment that also banishes wrinkles? If so, would you be open to trying the Bella Shape Skin Tightening Treatment? Inquiring minds want to know!!!

To book an appointment or learn more about Carmen Care Laser go to their website by clicking ==> HERE!

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