ireland #safety

Above Ireland photo credit goes to Giuseppe Luigi Dipace

People travel to Ireland for several reasons. Some are tourists and others travel for various work assignments. Ireland is an amazing place, so many visit to lay their eyes on the lush landscapes and beautiful and rustic historical sites. While doing my research I learned that frequently visited sites include, the St Patrick and Cliff of Moher among others. Oh and while there you have to check out the cathedrals and Blarney Castle. #TotallyEpic!

When jet-setting, if you are interested in a self-drive tour Ireland tour operators and guides will be happy to assist. While out on the road always remember safety first. So please ensure you stay alert and follow the safety tips listed below!

ireland #safety

Above photo credit goes to FranTravelStories

ireland #safety

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Here are 5 tips for being safe while traveling in Ireland:

Drive safely

It is good to drive yourself around Ireland. You will be able to explore the attractions at your own pace but you must take safety measures. Ensure that you hire a good car and get the map layout to avoid getting lost. Good car hire companies offer assistance to their clients and even give direction to various tourist attractions in Ireland. It is also good to ensure that you have enough fuel. It can be really frustrating running out of fuel when you are not familiar with the location. As much as possible avoid driving in Dublin city as the parking fees are very high. You should also avoid illegal parking which can result in high penalties.

Take care of your credit card to avoid fraud

It is important to take precautions when at the ATM so that you can spot skimming activities or any suspicious looking situations around the ATMs. It also pays to keep your card safe and also ensure that no one sees the PIN to avoid fraudulent transactions on your credit card.

Petty crime prevention

It helps to have emergency numbers handy. This way, in case of theft, or bag snatching you can reach out for help. You should keep your travel documents, money and credit cards safely. You should request assistance from police in case you encounter any form of crime.

Be street smart

ireland #safety

Above photo credit goes to Giuseppe Luigi Dipace

In order to minimize the risk of losses, ensure that you are street smart. You should dress like the locals to avoid being a target. Most criminals will target visitors. Be on the look-out and in case any of your surroundings feel unsafe, then you should stay away because it probably is unsafe. Do not keep money and all your valuables together. These are some of the street-smart basics you should bear in mind.

Travel insurance

It is important to have a travel insurance that can cover for emergency costs. This is one of the safety measures you should consider when traveling to Ireland. Good travel insurance should cover costs for emergency trips in case you are required to go back home, theft and any other costs related to accidents.

Ireland is a relatively safe travel destination. However, while traveling to Ireland or any other location, these safety precautions will ensure that you enjoy your visit even more. 

So Sassy Peeps, what are a few safety tips you ensure you follow while traveling not only to Ireland but abroad? Inquiring minds would love to know!

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