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work space


Whether you’re a strong female who is already killing it in the entrepreneurial world or a strong female who is just now embarking on this wonderful, slightly scary, but mostly great and adventurous journey, you simply need to operate in a great space. The importance of a great office space cannot be overstated. You don’t want your space to be pleasant only because you’ll be spending huge chunks of your day in it, but also because time doesn’t always equal productivity. If you’re stuck in a dull and uninspiring place, chances are your productivity levels and enthusiasm will plummet, and that’s the last thing you want. You want time to equal productivity, and this is where these ideas come in. Most of them won’t cost you a lot of time or financial means to execute, but will make your work experience immensely better and you’ll feel motivated and driven every time you step into your new work sanctuary.

The science of colors

work space

If you’re a fan of minimalism and prefer white walls over anything else, that is completely fine. However, you should know that there is actual scientific significance in each color. Now, there are two ways to go, and you can choose the one that speaks to you more. According to research conducted at the University of British Columbia the color that has proven to spark creativity, especially in those working in creative fields, is blue. In addition to creativity it also brings serenity, and that could not be more beneficial, as there stressful times will occur. The other color that is ‘on the table’ is green, which promotes harmony and balance, which in turn can spark the innovation drive. Experts claim that green has implications beyond aesthetics and suggest the need for sustained empirical work on the functional meaning of green. So, find the shade most pleasing to you, which will most likely be the dusty, muted shade, and start painting.

The mighty desk

work space

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Every entrepreneur needs a great desk, period. In this aspect you should follow your personal taste – if you’re a clean and minimal type, go with a sleek white desk. If classic is more your style, go with a rich wooden one – this one is completely up to you, as it should be a desk that simply calls out to you and makes you want to sit at it. Speaking of sitting, there is nothing that can hinder productivity like discomfort, so make sure you browse for functional and comfortable office chairs and pick the one that feels best. It’s important that it looks great and blends well into the space, but make sure you put comfort first. Just pretty won’t cut it when your back is aching. You’ll also need a few shelves for all your binders and files, and make sure these office supplies are color-coded – it will make your life so much easier (and the office more fun-looking)

Bring in some life

work space

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Plants are always a good idea – not only do they produce oxygen but instantly brighten up any space and make it feel more alive. They also have a huge impact on creativity and are proven to have real wellness benefits. You can have multiple smaller plants or just one or two bigger ones. The kinds that look best in an office space are the spider plant, the lovely and fragrant lemon balm, philodendron (very low-maintenance) and golden pothos.

Let the juices flow

work space

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Now, let’s spruce up that desk, shall we? The first thing you need is, of course, a good laptop. Next to it should always be a coffee mug with a quote you love and that makes you feel empowered. A cute and interesting planner always comes handy. The reason it should be cute or simply beautifully designed is because there is something about a good design that inspires you and the more you use it, the more creative you get. It’s like drawing creativity from someone else’s creativity. Add other details such as interesting business card holders, pen holders, perhaps a nice minimalistic figurine in the shape of an animal that motivates you, like a fox, or an elephant.

Put it on the board(s)

work space

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Every entrepreneur needs not one, but two vision boards in their work space. Why two? The first one is for your future goals – you’d be surprised how good it feels to write those goals down and just tick them off one by one as soon as you reach them. The second should contain your past achievements. There will be days when it’s not all peaches and cream, so these past achievements in front of you will serve as a reminder of how far you’ve already come and will push you to keep going.  

Finish where you started

Let’s go back to the wall. Now that the paint is dry you need a gallery wall, and for two reasons – first of all, it’s aesthetically pleasing. The second reason is – this is where you put your final motivating factors. You can frame photos of places you love, places you would like to see, powerful quotes that always pick you up and photos of the people you love. In order for it not to be monotonous, don’t use the same size or style of frames – play with different ones and create a super interesting and creative wall that will light you up every time you open the office door.

So ladies, how do you create your motivating work space? Inquiring minds would love to know!

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