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Weight loss is a slow and gradual process that can take years. However, sometimes we all have those special events when you just have to look your very best fast. If you only have a month (or less) to go before the special event, you can use a variety of tricks, such as effective weight loss supplements, HIIT workouts, and special diets.

Bear in mind that long-term weight loss isn’t achieved this way. To make the results stick, you’ll have to adopt a well-balanced weight management program. Eventually, it will help you achieve the figure you dream of. And that healthy diet and exercise routine will have to become a lifestyle to stay in that shape.

How to Slim Down Fast: 4 Extra-Speedy Weight Loss Tips

Say goodbye to carbs

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What you need to lose weight fast is a ketogenic diet, meaning a diet that will push your body into a state where it will use your body fat instead of glucose for energy. Research says that such diets help ‘melt off’ fat rather fast. Generally, the stipulation of a ketogenic (low-carb) diet state that you can eat pretty much anything as long as you keep carbohydrates to the minimum. However, when you need to slim down fast, you should plan your meals carefully. Stick to healthy foods only and be sure to get sufficient amounts of protein and heart-friendly fats.

Take effective weight loss supplements

The majority of weight loss pills are designed to provide a small measure of enhancement to your weight loss program. If you are looking for ways to slim down fast, you’ll need supplements that are usually included in quick weight loss tips. This means appetite suppressants as this kind of product helps achieve maximum results right away.

It’s essential to use this kind of product when you switch to a low-calorie diet. Low-carb diets mentioned above, help reduce the feeling of hunger. However, appetite suppressants will magnify this effect and thus boost your fast weight loss effort greatly.

Start lifting weights and get your heart pumping

Healthy Lifestyle

If you want to slim down fast, you’ll have to push yourself hard physically. While exercise is much less efficient for weight loss than diet, some types can help you shape up within weeks. The most effective fat-burning practices are HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and resistance training.

So, to shape up fast you’ll have to get a 30-minute HIIT workout at least two times a week, the same with weight lifting. Your muscles will be killing you, especially if you aren’t used to exercise. You should always start with the mildest variations of workouts and take care not to push yourself too hard. Remember that overworking your muscles might result in a nasty injury.

Be sure to set aside one day a week for rest and have relaxing stretching sessions on the remaining two. You can practice yoga on those days. While it doesn’t help burn fat fast, it helps you get in tune with your body and come to love yourself the way you are.

Consider intermittent fasting

Current studies on intermittent fasting indicate that it’s a very effective tool for fast weight loss. However, you should use this practice with extreme care and only when you have a nutrient-rich diet on your non-fasting days. If you push yourself physically, fasting can be dangerous, so avoid combining these two weight loss methods.

So Sassy Peeps, what are your thoughts on speedy weight low? I have personally did all of the above in some sort of fashion! How do you slim down fast? Inquiring minds want to know!!!

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